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Growing up I remember my Bubbie would say to me, “They said…” when she was referring to something, an act of, product or the impending weather. For example; “They said there’s going to be a snowstorm.”

I would always reply, “Bubbie, who are ‘They’?” And she’d say, you know “They” from the TV or the newspaper, or she would share that she heard it from a friend who heard it from their favourite “They”.

Was this the beginning of social media, you know from Bubbie to grandkid the referral link. Best referrals come from someone’s favourite “They”, you agree?

Today, “They” are everywhere; social media, media, T.V., even old fashion newspapers, “They” are still around eh?

Do you find there is so much “They’s” sometimes it becomes “They” noisy? For me, I know that I may not have my Bubbie to share what “They” said any more, but I still hear her energy around me sharing so I can always count on my intuitiveness to find the right “They” that fits for me.

I feel like my Bubbie sometime, as, over the years, I’ve become many peoples “They” in many categories in life, parenting, marriage (39 years), dogs, and of course over the past 18 years, health and wellness!

So who’s your favourite “They” I ask? You’re most precious, trusted, and friendly referral to anything and everything?

I bet you are many someone’s favourite “They”. We are all “They’s” to someone.

Think about your “They” when it comes to health and wellness, who’s your go to?

WellnessWrx, we’d love to be your number #2 “They” for choice in everything wellness!

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