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What’s The Best Way to Feel Peace and Calm?

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It feels like now more than ever, we allow ourselves to become preoccupied with stress and worry, leading to daily fatigue. By adding time to ease the stress and worry, we can create more energy for ourselves and experience peace and calm.

A moment of peace and calm offers an instant holiday for our body, mind, and soul. Imagine that this can be completed in just three breaths, anywhere, anytime.

Consciously breathing for a few moments can make the difference between feeling fatigued, stressed, worried, even closing in on the feeling of giving up. By focusing on your breath, you will see a profound transformation from any “fight-or-flight” moment.

Take a peek at what I call the “NOWbreath.” This simple breathing technique transformed me from panic Rose to feelgood Rose over 25 years ago. And I still use it every day as my maintenance gateway to feeling good, especially when stress peeks in. Conscious breathing creates alignment in one’s life force, which helps strengthens our immune system. That’s an essential purpose for today and every day now during Covid-19 and beyond.

Take time each morning, afternoon, and evening and do 3 simple NOWbreaths. To align emotionally, mentally, and physically, practice the NOWbreath for three weeks, and it will help bring peace and calm to you as needed.

The NOWbreath is an excellent gateway for moments of peace and calm!

How to do the NOWbreath

  1. Begin by releasing your breath. Releasing your breath until you feel like you’re emptying your lungs.
  2. Next, take in a gentle breath through your nose.
  3. Pause.
  4. Next, slowly release your breath through your nose or your mouth (feel like you’re emptying your lungs)
  5. Pause.
  6. Repeat this three times with a gentle rhythm, breath in slowly — pause, exhale slowly and pause.

Enjoy the moment of peace and calm.

The NOWbreath Challenge:

I invite you to do this for three weeks. After three weeks, you will be able to call upon your NOWbreath when stressed, worried, fatigue set in, and you will gently align with a moment of peace and calm.

Rose A. Weinberg, Founder, CEO  WellnessWrxProject BeamON, Founder of The feelgood Company. Rose is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, and a Full-filled Wife~Mom~Bubi~DogMom~DogBubi she loves her family, home, martial arts, and being playful.
Rose is a well-being educator, offering simple gateways to feelgood, through Reiki, Homeopathy, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Energy Balancing, offering transformation to live a feelgood life. Here two books are available for download:

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