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Benefits of the Wrx

Grow Your Well of Wellness Clients – Through our referral portal, we connect you to the fastest growing, consciously evolving consumers

Stand Out! – We market you locally, across North America, so local and traveling consumers can easily find you. *Completed with in 4-5 business days after adding services

Manage Without Managing – It’s simple! Your clients will be able to easily navigate, book, and pay through our comprehensive web-based management system, which includes an online live calendar. It’s designed just for you!

You like your system, that's great! Let WellnessWrx be another part of what helps you grow, and be even more successful!

Register TODAY and benefit with the Wrx!


More Benefits of the Wrx

The Wrx Viral Referral Program - When you refer a *client (with clients approval) to WellnessWrx, every time they book with any other provider on WellnessWrx, you receive a referral fee. We offer this to all our providers and affiliates, which means when other providers refer their client (with clients approval) to WellnessWrx, they are getting referred to all our providers and that includes You! How it wrx; *Your client will receive a code that identifies them to who referred them.

Perks of the Wrx - When you refer a client to use your WellnessWrx professional management site, with live booking and payment portal, you are not charge the 15% WellnessWrx Service Fees.

Designed, Developed, Dedicated to You - Receive a customized web page profile for providers and clinics

Ready, Set, Grow! - Grow your network with our marketing and social media campaigns.

Our System, Your Management - With our easy-to-use web-based management system, you work when it wrx for you. Add your availability on our system when you can provide services, so we can refer you. Simple!

Live Website & App Launch to Consumers very soon - We're Looking forward to referring You!

Leave the Art for the Artists - In need of additional Web Design and Support? Our In-house Design Team is happy to help.

Rest Assured About Insurance - In need of Malpractice and Liability, Home, Or Auto Insurance? Our Insurance Team is always available to help.

Lost About Legal - In need of Legal Consultations? We can help with that too! Just ask!

The wrx in connecting You with consultation or treatment space, or connecting Providers with Clinics even Clinics with Providers - see below and click to connect with the wrx

Share Wellness. Share Peace – Be part of our You+One Program and make a difference with WellnessWrx

Automatic Cha-Chings - Receive direct deposit.

LAST and very important ~ IT support just for Providers just in case!

Let’s Grow Together!

Our goal is to see you grow and to celebrate with you on your successes. But we know how scary those first steps in a new direction can be, especially when it comes to your business practice. So, for the first 6 months as a Sage WellnessWrx Provider, or Clinic you will receive the management, payment, and calendar portal, profile page, for free! Benefit from the waived $18/month fee knowing we’re with you every step of the way.

Why offer a courtesy discount each time a client books? It's how we help your practice grow with repeats – Studies show clients like being rewarded for their business, resulting in them coming back for more. So, with our providers in partnership with WellnessWrx, we offer a 10% courtesy discount to all clients upon booking and repeat booking, establishing repeat business for you.

ONLY a 15% WellnessWrx service fee is applied to all paid bookings of new clients WellnessWrx refers to you. See Terms of Agreement for details. Perks of the Wrx - The %15 WellnessWrx Service Fees is does not apply to any of your clients you refer to WellnessWrx. (Subject to your clients approval) *The referral fee applies when a new client is booked.

billed direct monthly


billed direct monthly



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