Valentines, Chocolates, and Dad

Valentines, Chocolates, and Dad

In case I’ve not mentioned this for a while, I love chocolate. For health reasons and for the sake of my girlish figure, I’ve grown to love dark chocolate. The creamier, the better. The less sugar, the better. But that’s mostly because, as my dear friend Cheryl says, I’m a health junky.

I’m a fulfilled wife~mom and soon~to~be grandmom (bubbie), I love dogs (especially my dog), and I love chocolate! This sets the table for what’s about to come next.

For me, Valentines’s Day is a moment to stop and think about love and joy, to share your smile with everyone you think of or see – friends, family, and even people you’ve just met. Yes, it’s awesome that people take this day to celebrate their love for one another. I got my husband a Valentine’s Day present. I had one of his favorite jeans shirts from his enormous collection branded with his company name. It’s all good! I’m blessed to be told and to tell my husband that I love him every day, even on days when we are not on the same page, or even reading the same book.

My best memory of Valentine’s day was when I was a kid. My dad would come home from work with a box of chocolates for mom and me. We are talking your pure junk heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in shiny red foil and filled with gooey caramel that would make my stomach ache after each bite. And me, I was the kid who could eat the whole box in one sitting. Thanks Dad, for always making me feel that I was one of your sweethearts. Dad used to tell me that I was his favourite daughter. As far as I knew, I was the only one! And on Valentine’s day, I was smart enough to know that I was one of his two favourite sweethearts – Mom and me!

This Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, 2020, start by being kind and loving to yourself and to anyone else who is part of your team.

I love that there are days of the year that remind us to bring kindness, love, and joy into our day when our busy, stressed-out everydayness sometimes makes us forget.

Happy Valentines Day from me, Sage Feelgood Rose, and our family at WellnessWrx! Enjoy everything feelgood, especially chocolates and giggles!!

I’m going to tell my husband that he’s always my sweetheart and that I love him even more than I love dogs and chocolate. Now there’s an excellent gift to make his day special! And if all else fails, he will love his branded jean shirt.


With feelgood gratitude and appreciation,

Rose A. Weinberg

Founder, CEO, Chief Executive Sage of WellnessWrx, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, Fulfilled Wife and Mom. Dog lover, nature fanatic, homebody, martial artist, and feelgood maven | Founder, Project BeamON Organization | Founder and CEO, The feelgood Company