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Who hasn’t dreamt of traveling to the stars at some point in their lives? It is the stuff of childhood wonder. I remember when I was 8 years old having those moon and star-shaped glow-in-the-dark stickers all over my ceiling. And a few years later, as a 13-year-old boy at summer camp, lying on my back on a beach by a lake in Northern Ontario, watching the Northern Lights dance like a needle and thread across the sky.

For my tenth birthday, my parents got me a space atlas. I used to carry it around under my arm and show off it’s glossy pages to anyone who seemed even slightly interested. Orion, Ursa Major, and the rings of Saturn, these were the images that filled my dreams.

I always get an eerie feeling of peace when I think about what it must be like to see the Earth from outer space – its pristine appearance in the stillness of that dark, breathless air. Astronauts who have been in orbit refer to the sight of our pale sphere as a life-changing experience. The cosmonaut Robert Bondar described it as follows:

“To fly in space is to see the reality of Earth, alone. The experience changed my life and my attitude towards life itself. I am one of the lucky ones.”

There are no limits to the imagination. When I meditate, I try to fall into a deep hypnotic trance by counting backwards from ten to zero followed by the word “drop.” This is my signal word that lets me know that it’s time to drop far below the thinking mind into the sanctuary of my being. Sometimes I have to repeat this countdown several times but…

Once I am there, in the silent cockpit of my inner being, I can travel wherever I want. One of my favourite destinations is the moon. I travel there in my mind, sit cross-legged on its craggy, sun-lit surface, and meditate on the Earth. Seen from far away, I have been overwhelmed by a sense of profound love and gratitude for this our planetary home, its delicate beauty and power to sustain life.

So while I may never get to space in this body, I get a profound sense of soul-fulfilling satisfaction from the exploration of inner-space when I meditate, and that is enough.

From the WellnessWrx family, with love, gratitude, and planetary prayers…

Thank you for being a part of our community.

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Seth Feldman, Inkslinger, PR Strategist, and Sage Copywriter at WellnessWrx

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