Secure Virtual Holistic Wellness Services in Canada

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Secure Virtual Holistic Wellness Services in Canada

In the last number of years, Canadians on main street and in the heartland have been waking up to the value of holistic wellness services such as Reiki, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and many other modalities for all-around health. Covid-19 has spurred the innovation of a new regime of secure virtual holistic wellness services for the convenience and safety of patients and clients. This means that clients will be able to use their devices to consult with wellness providers in the comfort of their homes or offices. The security of personal information will be at the center of this change and you can expect to see the emergence of IT platforms offering secure virtual consultation services in the near future.  

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While there is no doubt that social distancing has left some emotional scars, I’d like to emphasize a few of the positive outcomes of this virtual shift for wellness seekers.

  1. Secure Virtual  Holistic Wellness Services.

Holistic services are starting to move online to meet the demands of the new normal. This means that wellness seekers can reap the benefits offered by holistic practitioners from the comfort of home. Reiki, psychotherapy, life coaching, and homeopathy are a few of the services that can be transmitted effectively through virtual care.

       2. Access for Residents in Rural Canada

Online wellness services do not depend on location so Canadians living in rural areas where holistic services may not be available now have access to a broader spectrum of clinics and practitioners.


       3. The Virtual Employment Economy

As people continue to work from home, employers are looking to ensure that their employees have safe and attainable access to their benefits. Virtual consultation technology is vital to addressing this need. Here too, IT outfits offering these services will need to comply with regulatory standards regarding the security of personal information.     

       4. Enhanced Security for the Client 

Last but not least, wellness seekers can look forward to an enhanced menu of available services and an overall improvement in the standards of virtual care capitalizing on technologies that are better equipped to protect their privacy. 

The main takeaway is that, for all the hardship imposed by Covid-19, the new revolution in virtual care affords an opportunity for wellness seekers to introduce treatments and services where they live, merging the world of holistic wellness with the space of home. If we are going to be spending more time at home, let’s use it for introspection, growth, and personal well-being.





Seth Feldman, WellnessWrx Sage Copywriter, Inkslinger and PR Strategist