Rose A Weinberg

Rose A Weinberg


Thank you and Welcome to my Profile Page on WellnessWrx.

Over for the past 19 years, I’ve been offering attainable and sustainable wellness beyond the treatment room. 2 years ago, I decided it’s time to #ShareChoice in an accelerated way. Creating what is now known as WellnessWrx. The ultimate accredited, attainable, and sustainable approach to #ShareChoice in wellness for all. The choice being the bridge between mainstream and holistic services with ease of access.

Today, you can PICK~CLICK~CONNECT an appointment with me, and with several soon to be hundreds and then thousands of accredited Wellness Providers who offer choice for all your wellness paths.

Consciously connecting You to choice in everything Wellness
Rose A. Weinberg | Chief Executive Sage

Fulfilled Mom & Wife | Loves Dogs

I thank you for having me part of your wellness path for 19 years. My role growing forward is to guide you with WellnessWrx, as the Chief Executive Sage.

Rose A. Weinberg is a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master, and Educator, a Holistic Nutritionist, Healer, and Wellness Entrepreneur. Rose is a Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, and a Fulfilled Wife~Mom and who loves dogs and martial arts.

For 19 years, Rose has been in private practice in the GTA, as well has led ]workshops, been featured on television and radio, has been an inspired speaker on wellness and how to feelgood in your everyday life!

Rose ponders every day on how she can assist others in how to live one day at a time with peace, purpose, and feelgood energy. Rose transformed her past of panic disorder and fear, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing and helping others live the feelgood life they choose. Over the past 18 years, Rose created a unique approach to sustainable wellness and ensured her clients are educated to feelgood well beyond their treatment room.

Rose’s offers peace, purpose, and feelgood energy to achieve moments of peace of mind! As CEO, Founder WellnessWrx, CEO, Founder, Chair Project BeamON Organization (Non-for-Profit), Rose offers amble ways to achieve peace, purpose, and feelgood light in everyday life.

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