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Rose A Weinberg

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Rose A. Weinberg is a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, a Holistic Nutritionist, and holds a Marketing and Business degree. Rose is a Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, and a Fulfilled Wife~Mom and who loves dogs.

She runs a private practice in Richmond Hill, as well as leads workshops teaches Usui System of Reiki, creating it to assist everyone in how to bring Reiki into their lives to live the feelgood life they choose.

Rose ponders every day on how she can assist others on how to live one day at a time with peace, purpose and feelgood energy. Rose transformed her past of panic disorder and fear, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing and helping others live the feelgood life they choose. Over the past 18 years, Rose created a unique approach to sustainable wellness and ensures her clients are educated to feelgood well beyond their treatment room.

Rose’s offers peace, purpose and feelgood energy to achieve moments of peace of mind! As CEO, Founder WellnessWrx, CEO, Founder, Chair Project BeamON Organization (Non-for-Profit), Rose offers amble ways to achieve peace, purpose, and feelgood light in everyday life.