Marc Neumann Blend~Yourself~Healthy

Marc Neumann Blend~Yourself~Healthy

Marc Neumann teaches & mentors how to ‘blend~yourself~healthy’


After spending 20 years in food and beverages “eating himself sick” Marc set out to find out why the foods and drinks he had been consuming had made him so ill.  He ended you letting “food be thy medicine and medicine thy food,” never looked back and ended up Redefining Nutrition for a healthier more alive human experience.

His personal journey along with many case studies and clients along the way has allowed him to piece together the quickest and easiest way to reversing dis-ease, dis-comfort and inflammation within the human body and presents his redefinition of nutrition in a fun and SEC’sy way… Simple to understand, Educational and offers a Convenient and cost-effective solution for how to Blend ~yourself~ healthy.

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“No one I ever met chose to be sick or unhealthy or unwell yet so many of our fellow human beings are… and I was one of them, many moons ago!”Did you know that 1/3 of our population is suffering from Diabetes or Obesity and it’s not really anyone’s fault?

Certain figures of historical status played a key role in starting an industry that had become a powerhouse in today’s world and we are suffering as a human species because of it.Come to learn about how these man-made epidemics have been building up over the past 100 years and how Mother Nature holds the key to reversing these man-made dis-eases and inflammation in the human body.

Walk away with a clearer definition of how we were instinctively designed to eat as the Human Species …
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Weekly seminars to be held at:

The Factory lounge

34 Futrity Gate

Unit #8

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada