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We market Your business to the rapid grow market of conscious consumers seeking wellness. We are looking for companies such as yours who believe that well~being generates abundance for all paths in life!

We make it simple for You; send us your logo in a PNG and we put it up and get it linked.

Simply register your business with the form below and we help with business-building options.

Share Wellness and Peace with WellnessWrx! Choose to give back with the WellnessWrxShares Program by bringing comfort, warmth and peace to people with cancer. Simply click ``yes`` when registering your business with us. Opt in and let's work together as a community to give something back. Of course you can opt out too, and opt back in at anytime!

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  1. THE WRX ~ MAXIMUM VISIBILITY – We feature your company logo on the HOMEPAGE and on the Corporate Wellness Page of our Website with a hyperlink to your website. Get regular exposure on our social media sites. Get a featured spot in one Wrx article regularly to be cross-marketed on our social media sites and yours. Includes a permanent listing on our Corporate Client facing pages, as well as a chance to be part of our consumer/corporate newsletters and promotional events.  ONLY $79 month (reg $129)

Register below, choose your option, and once approved, you will receive a confirmation email saying 'Welcome' and we'll set you up!

We are excited to have you part of our WrxPartners~Affiliate Program. The costs listed below covers registration and administration for the year. We appreciate You!

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