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Wizard Within Modern Hypnosis Certification

From: $997.00

This is a group training and currently Virtual Live over Zoom.  Come learn about Modern Hypnosis in a weekend with optional Designation as a Hypnotherapist and get recognized over 38 countries

By: Sue Quah

Hands On Training:

  • Learn easily and effortlessly
  • Make it easy to learn by building on the successes you have, gradually, over the course of the training
  • You will see hypnotherapy, and start practicing from day one.

Effective Hypnosis Techniques

  • Techniques for self or others:
    • Create powerful motivation for change
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Over-eating
    • Eliminate stress
  • Start or expand your Hypnosis business
  • See clients immediately after the training
  • Get insurance for your practice
  • International Certification through the ABH(American Board of Hypnotherapy)
  • Use legally and ethically

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