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Our Self defense course come in all shapes and sizes. They can be accommodated for different group sizes, types or focuses as well as flexible schedules depending on your needs. Both personally and in a corporate environment. Below is the content that most of our courses contain. They give participants more perspective on the different aspects of self defense and empowerment. It is also a great tool for team building and morale. The following content will be covered in most courses:

– Using your voice as a tool for creating space and boundaries
– De-escalation techniques
– Learning to de-escalate situations and how to recognize when it needs to be used
– Basic wrist grabs
– How to escape from wrist grabs
– Distractions – how and when to use them to your benefit
– Using the different points on your body as potential striking points – ie. Knees, elbows, hands
– Other types of grabs, from being pulled to bear hugs and hair pulling
– Chokes – easy releases and escapes
– Working in scenarios – on the ground, backed against a wall.
– Social situations that may need both a vocal and physical de-escalation
– How to deal with more than one attacker
– Going to the ground – how to neutralize attacker both going to the ground and on the ground
– Knife defense – the different aspects of knife defense including escapes, controls, disarms and simple techniques will be covered. The ethics and importance of the use and defense of a knife will also be covered so participants will have a good understanding how to respond in certain situations.
– How to follow up and get away to a safe space
– Putting it all together and feeling safe in your space

There will also be a question and answer period. The goal of this course is to empower the participants to create and maintain safe boundaries and have an understanding of how to create and apply the knowledge learned in the course.

This course can be taught to groups and people of all sizes, ages, gender, including kids, teens, and physically and mentally challenged participants.

Pricing is per person.

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By: Laura Armstrong of Essence Body Therapy


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