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Sanctuary Meditation: Access True Direction

Sanctuary Meditation: Access True Direction


How do you know the decision you’re about to make comes from true gut feel or programmed response of your fears? How do you know if the direction you’re choosing in life is actually taking you in the direction of become your true higher self. And if you could get guidance from a version of yourself that isn’t affected by your trauma’s and perceptions, wouldn’t that be priceless?

Meeting your higher self introduces you to how it feels for you to be without your programmed responses – and brings you face to face with how you would feel without them. It also gives you access to you inner clarity, and all the hidden knowledge you’re trying to connect to.

It’s part of a series for honing self mastery – of truly knowing thyself. After all, how can you master yourself without first understanding which direction you should go? How does your higher self actually feel like? You’d be surprised how different it might feel to what you expect. 🙂

Once you receive this technique, you can then go back and speak with your higher self whenever you need to. You will to finally finally have a means to meditate on something and receive answers & clarity?

And when you’re interacting with people, you’ll understand better how to stay above it all when things aren’t going your way or when dealing with difficult individuals?

The Sanctuary Meditation is a fail-safe method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own personal spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from with within. This technique is a simple and effective way to access and connect to our own true self and inner wisdom; the version of yourself exists free of ego and with full clarity.

In this class you’ll learn a foundational method that can be used daily or as often as needed. For the experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and give you access to an intense sense of connectivity with your spirit and the soul knowledge you possess within yourself.


You can take this as a stand alone class or as part of a set of classes designed as part of an advanced spiritual training process.  Whether it’s for fun, for specific reason, or if you have a greater plan of spiritual self mastery, this course is for you. This isn’t just a technique that was recently developed, it comes through the 3000 year old lineage of King Solomon, held and passed down through the lineage of the Modern Mystery School.  It’s been taught in Mystery School lineages for hundreds of years, and is designed to work for all – regardless of you history, family line, where you live, etc.  The central tenant of the lineage that King Solomon developed over 3000 years ago is that all modalities and techniques are aimed at unlocking the divine human blueprint and connection, and must work for everyone.

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