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Sacred Geometry: Activate Your Spaces

Sacred Geometry: Activate Your Spaces


Ever wondered how some people can create incredible feeling spaces. Sometimes it’s the fragrances, the incense, cleanliness, artwork, design – But sometimes you walk into very simple spaces and they feel just as or even more incredible.

There has to be a way for you to enhance the energy of every space you want to use. A way that doesn’t require you to bring a nebulizer with you everywhere you go, or set off fire alarms while burning sage.

Yes there is! and this class will teach it to you. An ancient technique through the lineage of King Solomon. One that’s been handed down through the millennia.

This class will infuse the 3 sacred shapes of creation into your being, and teach you to create high energy spaces in your home, office, and anywhere you find yourself; enhancing the vibe, creativity, and healing energy, of the spaces you use.

By using the power of Sacred Geometry, you will:

– Come to a deeper understanding of the energy and symbols of the Sacred Geometries and your connection to them
– Explore how you can use the geometries to help you flow energy in your life
– Gain deeper knowledge of the process of creation and how the Sacred Geometries can assist in your ability to manifest
– Learn to use the first 3 keys to heaven (the basic geometries) to create and protect sacred space for your own relaxation, healing and safety
– Receive prayers you can use to awaken the Sacred Geometries within you and feed your energy field – body, soul and spirit
– Become attuned to the Sacred Geometries so that you may have deeper connection to all aspects of self.


You can take this as a stand alone class or as part of a set of classes designed as part of an advanced spiritual training process.  Whether it’s for fun, for specific reason, or if you have a greater plan of spiritual self mastery, this course is for you. This isn’t just a technique that was recently developed, it comes through the 3000 year old lineage of King Solomon, held and passed down through the lineage of the Modern Mystery School.  It’s been taught in Mystery School lineages for hundreds of years, and is designed to work for all – regardless of you history, family line, where you live, etc.  The central tenant of the lineage that King Solomon developed over 3000 years ago is that all modalities and techniques are aimed at unlocking the divine human blueprint and connection, and must work for everyone.

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