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Reiki & Energy Balancing Session – 30 minutes – Virtual Care


This 30 minute Reiki and Energy Balancing Session with Rose will assist mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritual wellness.

Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji for universal life energy. Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness and balance. Reiki Energy Therapy is complementary to all other treatments and therapies.

Service Location:74 Gatcombe Circle, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 9P4

By: Rose A Weinberg

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Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness, and balance. Having a Reiki session with our experienced Reiki Master, Rose is complementary to all other treatments and therapies. Reiki alongside energy balancing is a specialty of our in-clinic Reiki Master. Some benefits of a Reiki session with Rose are dissipating energy blocks to promote natural balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your energy will increase in all areas of your life. You may experience a transformation at work, rest, or play.

When often asked, “What is Reiki!” I refer to how my husband, Jeff tells people what I do. He asks everyone if they’ve seen the movie ‘the Karate Kid?’ Watch this! Both Mr Miyagi and I shift transformational energy, my approach is a very gentle version. Being a huge fan of this movie, both Jeff and I believe that Mr Miyagi, like myself, does Reiki with love, peace and purpose.

Reiki can be part of your everyday life! Either through a Reiki treatment from a Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner or by learning Reiki.

Reiki can also be received through the rawenergywear www.thefeelgoodcompany.ca


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