Qi Gong – Intro Session

Qi Gong – Intro Session


Qi Gong is the 3000 year old art of full human potential. This session is perfect for you if you:

– heard of qi gong and want to experience it commitment free to understand it better, and how it can help you in what you’re seeking.

– experienced qi gong and want to take it further, and want to experience the instructor’s style.

– are interested in the Inner Reset program and would like to experience aspects of it before you sign up

– are looking to find techniques to easily increase your vitality, reset your mind, clear tension, easily find inner calm

– are looking for means to open up your mobility, supporting your organ health, and unlocking the vital energy flow of your body

– are looking to be more effective in life; to accomplish more while being more balanced and living to your fullest

– want to work with energy and are looking for somewhere to start.

Sign up and I’ll be happy to take you through the experience you are seeking.


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