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Posture Arch-Aurora Location

Posture Arch-Aurora Location


The unique design of the Posture Arch allows the spine to conform to its natural curvature while providing a deep tissue massage for the upper and lower back. Its removable orbs allow the device to be used on chairs and sofas to provide a firm lumbar support when sitting.

Upon use, the device eases vertebral tensions, increases flexibility, and promotes better posture. While laying down, parallel the device to the middle of your back and lay down for 1-2 minutes per session. Gradually increase the time as needed. After each use, gently roll to the side before sitting up and wrap up the stretch by touching the toes or do child pose stretch.

  • Used for mid and lower back, lumbar support
  • Alleviates tension in your back
  • Targets pressure points to help relieve back, neck, and spine
  • Removable orbs allow for varying levels of intensity
  • 100% handcrafted with premium maple wood

Service Locations:

81 Temperance Street, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 2R1


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