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Personal Mindful Strength Training

Personal Mindful Strength Training


At New Element Training (NET) we offer a form of strength training that creates measurable strength gains in only one or two 30-minute sessions a week.

How is that possible? To increase your strength, your body needs to be stimulated to adapt.  To create the ideal conditions for that, our training moves your targeted muscle under the ideal resistance load until you cannot contract your muscle any longer. Training to muscular failure like that is commonly known as “high intensity strength training”. After such a session your body requires time to recover and invest in positive adaptations.  Having ‘failed’ it understands it needs to adapt.

The intensity of the workout raises a valid concern for the safety of our joints, connective tissue and muscles. How do you work a muscle to failure without injury? It’s in this area that NET is unique among gyms not just in Toronto, but Canada. We use German-made, medical grade equipment of the highest caliber.  By ensuring correct form, our equipment minimizes the forces on your joints, while sufficiently fatiguing your muscles to trigger positive adaptations. 

Furthermore, we train our clients to move a weight very slowly and mindfully. By reducing acceleration through a movement, we profoundly reduce the forces on our joints and connective tissues. At the same time, this makes the muscle work harder, since there is no momentum in the movement, helping the muscle move more smoothly towards failure. And as we don’t take long breaks between exercises, this form of working out insures cardiovascular adaptations too.

We should also mention that among our equipment is a medical MedX Lumbar Extension machine, which is likely the best lower back pain ‘medicine’ one can find. Research shows that it helps about 80% of people with ALL symptoms of lower back. Many of our clients have said that this machine saved their lives.

There is also a strong mindfulness component to this form of strength training. It helps clients stay focused on the somatic experiences of their body and quiet the continuous chatter of the head. Particularly when you get close to failure your relationship with your true self is as pure as it gets. All of your life stories are GONE at that moment. It is a very beautiful experience which needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Clients who like our embodied cueing approach, or as we call it “mindful strength training”, leave the gym shaking in the body, and feeling refreshed and relaxed in mind.


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