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Kick the Sugar Habit Workshop


Are you wondering why you binge on sweets at the end of the day after being so good with your diet all day?Wondering what steps you can take to get your sugar habit handled?Come and join in the conversation and find out some interesting tips like what your cravings mean, how we can inadvertently create our own cravings and what to do about it to take back control and improve your relationship with food.It will be a lively, interactive and informative event where we’re going to talk about:What sugar does in your bodyWhy we start and can’t stopHow to transform sugar cravingsso you can kick that sugar habit, without giving up sweetness, for good.You’ll be sure to walk away learning something new and action steps that you can use right away.Hope to see you there!

By: Karen Pitt, CEPC, RHC, LBA

Come join me, Karen Pitt, an Eating Psychology Health Coach, on Saturday July  6th from 1:00 – 2:30 PM at The Village Hive on 55 Albert St. Suite 100 in Markham for the Kick the Sugar Habit workshop.The workshop explores:What sugar does in your bodyWhy we start and can’t stopHow to transform sugar cravings to help people kick the sugar habit without giving up sweetness. The workshop also offers 9 simple solutions you can experiment with every day to help you break up with sugar and increase your energy. Have questions? I’ve got answers! RSVP or Contact Karen@bingefixin5.com, 416-450-5028 or @eatingpsychologyhealthcoach.com


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