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Karuna Reiki Master Level 1 & 2 Certification

Karuna Reiki Master Level 1 & 2 Certification



Karuna® Reiki is considered the next step after Reiki Master/Teacher and because the energies are stronger and the potential for healing is greater, it allows for the healing to be fine-tuned and more energy to be channeled during treatment.

Course Outline

Karuna® Reiki – What is it?
The Origins of Karuna® Reiki
The Shadow Self – Healing and Meditation
Spiritual Guides and their Purpose
Karuna® Reiki Symbols
How to Give a Karuna® Reiki Treatment
Contracting the Hui Yin
The Violet Breath
Giving Karuna® Reiki Attunements
Chanting and Toning
Using and Teaching Karuna® Reiki
Class Outlines
Registered Karuna® Reiki Program
Client Information Form

Each Student Receives
Karuna® Reiki Manual
1 Full Karuna® Reiki Treatment
1 Registered Karuna® Reiki Master Certificate

This course is available with those practitioners who have achieved a Reiki Master/Teacher Level. The experience that Reiki Master level has attained will allow you to make better use of the healing tools that Karuna® Reiki provides.
*Cancellation Policy: Please note, if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your course, payment for your course is due in full
*Refund Policy: Please note, no refunds are issued on any course

Service Location: 481 Jones Avenue,Toronto, ON M4J 3G7

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