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“How to blend yourself healthy” Group Bootcamp setting

“How to blend yourself healthy” Group Bootcamp setting


An interactive group setting boot camp


Learn the methodology with like-minded individuals!

1 x 3-hour boot camp

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This boot camp takes place in the comfort of a quaint warm setting of The Factory Lounge in Vaughan. Our time together will be fun, interactive and educational, plus you’ll learn everything you need to Blend~Yourself~Healthy.


Our 3 hours together we will be covering all of the following:

1. Knife skills 101 – back to basics, hands-on approach in knife handling.

2. Good Food handling 101 – a quick simple and safe way to speed up prep and keep your fingers

3. Preparation 101  – Learn how to properly prep. Change the landscape of your fridge and your life

4. The laws of abundance 101– Learn how to make every mouthful count

5. Fruits and veggies 101 – Learn how they are the building blocks to more energy and healthier organs

6. Nuts, Seeds and Superfoods 101 – Learn their benefits and how to make an incredible daily porridge

7. Food Staples 101 – Learn to substitute 20th Century staples with new age healing staples.

8. Tasty snacks 101 – Whip up the tastiest, healthiest shake you’ve ever tasted, and learn fun with fruits


You will also receive a take-home kit which consists of:

  • New healthier re-defined food staples
  • A shopping list to help get you started
  • A daily routine to follow to keep you focused.
  • What to expect… a play by play of the first week
  • A complete list of which foods to consume
  • Some great simple snack solutions
  • Recipes for some great fun tasty treats


“You will love blending and building a new relationship with self, others, and food.


Fresh regards,


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