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A fully interactive one on one boot camp

in the comfort of your own home,

1 x 4-hour boot camp / change the landscape of your fridge

2 x 15 minute weekly calls

1 x 30 minute one-on-one at end of program

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By: Marc Neumann - Body Mind Soul Connector
This boot camp takes place in the comfort of your own home where you learn all you need to about changing the landscape of your fridge and the methodology of FOODICYN

Our time together starts off at the local grocery store where we go on a little shopping excursion.  We return to your home and start to change the landscape of your fridge by showing you how to make new redefined food staples along with learning the method of FOODICYN.

Our time together will be fun, interactive and educational giving you all  the confidence you need

You also receive 2 x 15 minute supportive weekly follow up calls and a 30 minute one on one at the end of the program.

What we will cover?

1.      Knife skills 101 – a back to basic, hands-on approach to feeling comfortable with sharp knifes

2.      Good Food handling 101 – a quick simple and safe way to speed up prep and keep your fingers

3.      Preparation 101  –  Learn how to properly prep.   Change the landscape of your fridge and your life

4.      The laws of abundance 101– Learn how to make every mouthful count

5.      Fruits and veggies 101 – Learn how they are the building blocks to more energy and healthier organs

6.      Nuts, Seeds and Superfoods 101 – Learn their benefits and how to make an incredible daily porridge

7.      Food Staples 101 – Learn to substitute 20th Century staples with new age healing staples.

8.      Tasty snacks 101 – Whip up the tasties healthiest shake you’ve ever tasted and learn fun with fruits

What you receive?

The redefinition of nutrition based on human necessities for a healthier human body,  not for bigger investor bank accounts!

You also receive a take-home kit which consists of:

·         New healthier re-defined food staples

·         A daily routine to follow to keep you focused.

·         What to expect… a play by play of the first week

·         A complete list of which foods to consume

·         Some great simple snack solutions

·         Recipes for some great fun tasty treats

“I look forward to seeing you there”  Marc


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