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Correcting Vision by Laura Armstrong

Correcting Vision by Laura Armstrong


The aim of Access Consciousness® is to create the life you truly desire through its life-changing techniques, tools and processes. These are designed to empower you and make it possible to change everything that is not working in your life, to become the amazing being that you are!! Doesn’t that sounds amazing to you?? Is that something you want to choose? If it does, then try out one of our offerings: Access Bars®, Correcting Vision, or Energetic Facelift!


Do you want better eyesight but don’t want glasses, contacts or corrective surgery?
Do you consistently stare at small print and images on computer screens, cell phones, or other devices that create straining and sore/tired eyes and/or headaches?
Have you experienced some kind of trauma to the eyes?
This natural vision correction process can help reverse eye problems, trauma and symptoms of all kinds whether or not they are age-related and can even work on your animals. It is a gentle hands-on, non-invasive process where 15 different potent energies are activated that heal, soothe and rest the eyes.
This process not only activates healing energies in your eyes, but it also deletes the beliefs and judgements you have about aging and vision, and about what is or is not possible to change with your eyes and vision.
As if that’s not amazing enough, Access Vision Correction can even work on a deeper level allowing you to increase your perception, awareness and reverse problems that are either visible or invisible that have been locking up and limiting your life, your body and your reality. What change do you wish to SEE?
Keep in mind that it will often take a series of sessions to create permanent and dramatic changes to the eyesight. Somewhere between 5 and 10 sessions is what most people are finding is needed to see the difference.
See clearer – get clearer……
How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

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