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Coaching to Cope after Situational Loss with Eleanor Silverberg

Coaching to Cope after Situational Loss with Eleanor Silverberg


Assisting by Applying Empowering, Innovative Methods to Cope Through Adversity and Loss… 1 hr session


Eleanor Silverberg, founder of Jade Self Development Coaching is a supportive, compassionate social worker committed to assisting you in obtaining the outer & inner resources required so you may live the highest quality of life possible. By combining her skills as a grief specialist and 3-A coping strategist, Eleanor’s objective is to listen and together we process your circumstances and fill up your coping tool box with strategies under the “3-A” framework of “Acknowledge, Assess, Assist®” she developed. By learning the 3-A’s, you become equipped to prevent burnout, moving forward empowered with strategies to self monitor with self awareness through adversity and situational loss. You will also receive a 15 minute series of brief mindful exercises that you can practice for better focus and tension relief.

As a coping strategist for a variety of circumstances such as job loss, divorce, and caregiving, Eleanor Silverberg assists others by applying the 3-A Approach: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist® she developed. The 3-A’s serve as a coping framework so that a variety of modalities (grief processing, mindfulness, self-talk, etc.) can be used as required for your unique circumstance. The intention is to raise consciousness so you are empowered to self monitor with self awareness while working through the adversity and loss you are experiencing and come to move forward stronger with increased resiliency.

Eleanor holds a BA in Psychology, Master of Social Work, Certificate in Bereavement Education and over 25 years of Independent Grief Studies. She is associated with the University of Toronto providing workshops for health professionals in grief intervention and applying the 3-A Approach.

Service Location: 205 Don Head Village Blvd., Unit 1B, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 7R3(In the strip plaza south corner of Major MacKenzie Dr. and Don Head Village, east of Bathurst St.)

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