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Blue Spikey Ball

$30.00 $28.50 5% off!

  • Can be used as a body weight leverage or hand held massage tool
  • Specifically designed to get into the small areas while being just large enough for the larger areas
  • Feels soft around your joints or bony areas, while firm enough for more vigorous treatments
  • ONLY massage ball that can be frozen and heated without changing firmness
  • #1 ranked self-massage tool for durability and versatility on the market
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for the purchaser of the ball
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in North America 

The spikes grip the tissue and engage the fascia; the structure of the ball allows you to put your full body weight on the ball without the Active Body Ball losing its shape.  The heat increases circulation to an area, the cold helps reduce inflammation, and the combination helps bring new nutrients in to an injured area to help reduce healing time.  The spikes grip the superficial tissue and help engage the fascia and allow for a soft contouring around bony points and ligaments.  The solid rubber structure of the Active Body Ball allows for deep pressure to be applied to very specific points, such as trigger points and can be utilized as a leverage activated massage tool for deep muscle massage. 

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