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ARC to Wellness: Wake Up Call


ARC to Wellness is a coaching philosophy and 3 step practice of Awareness, Reflection and Choice. Designed for Baby Boomers & Gen Xers experiencing health decline, the Wake Up Call is a personalized, anti-aging program that can help you find your path to wellness in 30 days or less!

By: Dwayne Thomas Coaching

ARC to Wellness: Wake Up Call is a 5 session personalized coaching program delivered over 4 weeks.  Two weeks after program completion, a 30 minute follow up is offered at no additional cost.

Each 60 minute session begins by expanding your Awareness of key factors that impact your health and wellness. At the end of each 1-on-1 session, you will receive a question or questionnaire to engage with in Reflection during the week leading up to your next coaching session. Commitment to this process is vital to your progress and can bring you to a place where you can confidently begin to Choose sustainable changes that move you toward wellness.

Session 1  The Illness-Wellness Continuum
Session 2  Taming Your Toxic Load
Session 3  (Diet) Digestion, Gut Health, Repairing the Gastrointestinal Tract
Session 4  (Mindset) Toxic Thoughts & Limiting Beliefs; Adverse Childhood Experiences
Session 5  (Lifestyle) Handling Stress; Move it or Lose it; Exercise for the Mind

The core objective of the Wake Up Call is to introduce you to the Wellness Paradigm, to help you understand the #1 threat to health today, and to empower you to begin taking charge of your own health and wellness.


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