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5 Day Unleash More Energy in Your Day Challenge!


By: Karen Pitt, CEPC, RHC, LBA

Do you feel tired or drained either when you wake up by mid-day or at the end of your day?

Do you find that you run out of energy before you run out of day?

Are there things y want to do but keep putting it off because you don’t have any energy left to do it?

Are you looking for quick, simple ways to boost your energy?

Why not join the 5 Day Unleash More Energy in your Day Challenge where we will spend 5 days practicing 3 simple tips to boost our energy!

Here’s how the challenge works:

Sunday: Prep step for Tip#1

Monday: 3 tips revealed

Tuesday – Thursday: Tip benefits explained

Friday: Celebrate! Lessons learned!

I will pop in live each day to connect with you to answer questions and hear about your experiences. If you check in each day to answer the question of the day and join the conversation you will be entered in a draw to win a prize!

Small changes can make a big difference.

Consistency is key. Why not join the challenge and give it a try!


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