Privacy Policy

WellnessWrx Privacy Practices at a Glance

WellnessWrx privacy practices apply to all visitors to the Site including clients, professionals, providers and business affiliates. Below is a summary of these practices. You may review our privacy policy can at: We will do our best to keep you immediately informed of any changes to this policy and our procedures. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.


WellnessWrx collects your personal information in order to do the following:

  1. Enable you to make use of the Site and our booking services;
  2. To correspond with you;
  3. To process your orders or bookings;
  4. To allow a more streamlined process in the use of our Site;
  5. To distribute refunds and cancellations;


WellnessWrx uses your information to:

  1. Process bookings and payments;
  2. Connect users with providers and professionals;
  3. Contact you for customer support, subscription or website management purposes;
  4. To personalize your experience while using the Site;
  5. To maintain and improve our services;
  6. To develop new services;
  7. To measure our performance;
  8. To improve security and prevent abuse of our systems and services;



When we would Share your data:

  1. For external processing of services such as customer service;
  2. For legal reasons such as when disclosure of personal information is required to prevent fraud or identity theft;
  3. For mergers, acquisitions, or sales of assets while ensuring confidentiality and giving prior notice of changes in the privacy policy;



What you can Control:

  1. When we collect certain information about you, you may choose whether you want to be on our mailing lists or advised of any promotions.
  2. You may turn off your cookies in your browser
  3. Please keep us informed if any information we have about you is incorrect.
  4. If you no longer wish to use our services you may request that we delete all of your personal information.



Security features we use to help protect your data: