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Our passion is to push wellness barriers forward by creating an ecosystem of mainstream and holistic wellness choices for everyone’s well-being!

Meet the WrxTeam

Rose A. Weinberg / Co-Founder, President, Chief Wellness Officer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master~Educator, Energy Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, fulfilled Wife~Mom~Bubi~DogMomBubi, feelgooder

The Woman Behind WellnessWrx – Healer Techpreneur


For the last twenty-three years, Rose has shared her energy with primarily corporate clients to assist them with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease. She focuses on stress, anxiety, fear, digestive disorders, time management, and how to help them create the feelgood life they want. Her role as a wellness provider has been to offer best practices and simple approaches with support from homeopathy, reiki, energy healing, holistic nutrition, and other forms of a holistic approach for value to promote wellness beyond the treatment room.

Rose has been part of dynamic changes in the wellness industry as services and resources move ever more into the digital frontier. She has also been at the leading edge of merging holistic and mainstream health and wellness. She saw a need to create an online wellness marketplace that could address wellness seekers’ needs while helping providers build their practices. WellnessWrx was born out of this vision.

Rose is Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of WellnessWrx, Founder of The feelgood Company, and the Non-Profit Project BeamON Organization. She is a published author, speaker, registered homeopath, Reiki Master~educator, energy intuitive, holistic nutritionist, fulfilled wife~mom~bubi~dogmombubi, and a feelgooder.
Rose’s story from illness to wellness!

“Living un-well when I was younger; panic attacks, digestive troubles, and the emotional toll of being a child of holocaust survivors. The holistic healthcare choices I discovered at age 31 transformed me from fearful Rose to feelgood Rose.

I understand the provider, as I’ve been running a successful practice for 23 years. I know the client and provider relationship from being the client first and then transforming into the provider. I value this! WellnessWrx has been designed to help both the consciously evolving client and the accredited provider.

WellnessWrx is founded on my commitment to opening the way for humans to find wellness choices and providers to have their services found. Our niche is marketing accredited and insurance-approved providers and their services to benefit all humans looking for true well-being. We offer the excellent standard of care that people deserve and referral pathways for providers to expand their networks, thus helping more and more people find true wellness that wrx!

Rose appreciates her family, loving dogs, nature, home, martial arts, and being in a place of feelgood one-day-at-a-time.

Mark Dodick / Co-Founder, Vice-President

Business Builder. Intuitive Investor. Lifelong Friend.


Mark is RVP of International sales for the Caribbean region at Teknion Office Furniture Ltd.
He has been at Teknion since the beginning, over 38 years. Mark is an investor in WellnessWrx. He brings over 38 years of business, financial, and relationship building acumen to the company. His natural instict for finding and growing great ideas led him to join the budding team at WellnessWrx.


Mark and WellnessWrx Founder Rose have been friends since their early school days.  Rose knew that Mark would be the best person to consult about her plans for the company. She had the vision, the business and financial plan, and was building the team, and Mark knew from the start that this idea would be the next big thing in the wellness industry.


Mark brings not only business expertise, but a growing excitement for the company and industry. Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious and has a positive effect on the whole team. Together, Mark and Rose create a dynamic synergy that is the locomotive force behind the WellnessWrx movement. 


With a background in economics and years of progressive sales and management experience, Mark understands business development and his knowledge is an indispensible part of WellnessWrx’s trajectory.  We are grateful and pleased to have Mark on board as teammate, investment partner, and trusted friend.

Raphael Danon / CPA, CA / Chief Operating Officer, Director

Business Builder. Team Builder. Family Oriented.


Raphael Danon, CPA, CA / Chief Operating Officer, Director


Raphael brings 25 years of involvement in varying aspects of the business world, giving him the knowledge and understanding to assist in the development of the needs of corporate client’s wellness requirements, along with providing strategic guidance and a hands-on approach to WellnessWrx continued and growing capital operating requirements.


A proven business builder, he was a co-founder and Managing Director of Finance for Clearblue Markets, the Chief Financial Officer of NWT Uranium Corp, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President by Asian Coast Development (Canada) Ltd, as well as previously and currently a member of the Board of Directors on several publicly traded companies.


Mr. Raphael Y. Danon a Member Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, receiving his designation in 2003. He received his Bachelor of Commerce from York University.

Sage IT Team Specializing in Health, Wellness & Hospital Sector, The Insurance Sector

Our intuitive and creative web and app developers are essential to WellnessWrx’s online presence. Their creative efforts have produced a professional, supportive, and lucrative Wellness Portal with an interface that combines beauty, professionalism, and usability in a perfect balance.  Their talents have raised WellnessWrx’s online visibility.  We look forward to enjoying exponential growth with our web development team manning the ship.

Specializing in, but not limited too:

AI for the Health & Wellness Sector, including Insurance Industry

Mona Lynn Sherman / Sage Client Care, The People's Person

Mona Lynn Sherman is an author, sales professional, and co-founder and CEO of the high-end gift service, All Wrapped Up. Mona understands the role of relationship building and what it means to bootstrap a business from the ground up. As the face of her company, she has built relationships with key players in the entertainment industry, designing creative gift concepts for their celebrity clients. Mona is also committed to human empathy. She has published numerous articles and narrative pieces on the subject of mourning and loss.  For many years she has been a volunteer at the not-for-profit Out of the Cold, serving warm meals to the homeless every Thursday night with dedicated consistency. She also works one-on-one with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, spending time with them and connecting to their humanity. Mona brings to WellnessWrx her considerable empathy, interpersonal and sales skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for helping her fellow human-beings and improving the health of her community. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 2.01.18 PM
Dr. Susan Reicheld / Sage Medical Advisor ~ Medical Division

Dr. Susan Reicheld is a graduate of the University of Toronto School of Medicine. She has always believed in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and feels that there are many potential paths to wellness. Her medical background includes surgical training, emergency room experience and works in primary care.  She has also been involved in the travel medical insurance world and understands the need for people to feel secure and taken care of no matter where they find themselves in the world.  Dr. Reicheld currently lives and practices in Toronto.

Susan Pic
Haroula Battista, BSc Hon, DHMHS, HOM / Sage Advisor ~ Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine

Haroula Battista, BSc Hon, DHMHS, HOM is the Dean and VP of Academics and Student Affairs at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.  She graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2010.  She is passionate about teaching people natural ways of healing to optimize their health.  Her passion in the field of healthcare propels her to be a lifelong student herself. She has a thriving private practice in Toronto.


David Cohen / Creative Business Builder

David is an author, business coach and facilitator, and the former host/producer and creator of the Small Business Big Ideas show heard weekly for over 9 years. David has taught thousands over the years in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has coached hundreds of start-ups to make those important first steps. He specializes in helping small business owners mine their strengths, get clear on their value, their markets, and then begin to develop a sales and marketing game plan that gets results.


David has worked with The City of Toronto, heading up an entrepreneurial training program and has worked with The City of Mississauga, The Town of Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan Region, and other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.


He also can be booked to do his keynote presentations: The 8 Keys to Success, How I Got to Kiss the Stanley Cup and his new keynote called A Breakthrough-Through the Glass – How to Overcome the Fear That Life and Business Might Throw Your Way.


He leads workshops in sales, marketing, market research, business planning, target marketing, personality dimensions and customer service programs. He is passionate about helping others live with joy and passion and to lead successful, heart-centred businesses.

Vikas Ramrakha / Sage Advisor ~ Insurance Division

Vikas Ramrakha is an insurance broker of 20 years with strong business skills and deep product knowledge.  Beyond the standard provision of competitive insurance quotes, Vikas gives proactive business support to his clients. Vikas places his client’s needs first, providing customized, quality solutions, and excellent value, in a friendly and professional manner.




Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Commercial / Business Insurance

Group Auto & Home Insurance plans for employers & member based associations

Legal Expense Insurance

Group Benefits (Health & Dental)

Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance


Focused on commercial enterprises, consulting firms, and member-based not-for-profits, Vikas maintains up-to-date product knowledge and an informed awareness of his client’s plans and goals. This combination of focus and active communication allows him to suggest effective and innovative products to best support each client’s unique blend of short and long-term goals.

Sarra Ali / Sage Advisor ~ Corporate & University Nutrition Division

Sarra Ali is a Nutritionist and Dietitian that has recently started her career in Toronto. She has a business background especially related to Nutrition and Wellness, her passion for holistic health has helped many people in her life remain healthy so she transferred that enthusiasm into a business. Sarra is the CEO/Founder of HealthMotiv8 Inc, which works with motivated individuals and groups who are entering a new milestone of their life whether they are newcomers, new employees and new students.


Sarra has joined the WellnessWrx team as a Sage Provider working one on one or in group with clients, as well as a consultant to our Corporate and University divisions in assisting our mission to offer customized wellness experience to corporate culture.