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My name is Karen Pitt and I have been helping women to improve their relationship with food to overcome some of the most common eating challenges experienced today like emotional eating and managing cravings. We work together so they can stop eating when they are not hungry and take control of what they eat before it takes control of them. The unique focus of my approach goes beyond just diet and exercise as it takes a closer look at how you eat –  specifically why that’s important and how it makes a difference to achieving your health and wellness goals.

Our challenges with food often have nothing to do with food. Through workshops, groups and one-on-one sessions, I share the tools and techniques from Dynamic Eating Psychology, Mind Body Nutrition and tapping into the healing power of the heart to help my clients learn how to listen to their own unique body wisdom and discover how their thoughts, feelings and actions affect everything from how their day goes to their ability to achieve success with their goals. Together we discover why food is only half the story of good nutrition as the other half is who we are as eaters.

Karen is a registered health coach in Ontario and is certified as an Eating Psychology Health Coach*, Life Coach, Live Cell Analyst and HeartMath Practitioner. She is a lifelong learner living with autoimmune and enjoys sharing simple everyday tips that anyone can do to support their health and well being goals and thrive.


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