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If you are like me, you know how it feels to carry that old ball and chain. No, I’m not talking about my spouse, I’m referring to my laptop! As a work-from-home bathrobe baron, I am no stranger to the experience of isolation, whether self-imposed or forced on by a global pandemic. And, as a good citizen of the road, I feel that I must share some of my top recommendations for maintaining sanity while working at home for the betterment of all. 

Make Time for Play

One of the benefits of working from home is that it gives you that extra bit of freedom to manage your schedule. The trick is to take advantage of it without slacking off. That aside, getting off the clock for short periods throughout the day can be very healthy for the body and mind. This does not mean pacing around the house, thinking about your next task. It means unplugging and doing something fun like banging on a drum, doing summersaults across the broadloom, or whatever makes you feel happy.

Go for a Walk

Getting out into the fresh air is a critical part of mental and emotional hygiene. A 20-minute walk after lunch can work wonders for your mood. Another one after dinner, or just before bed, can help clear the slate from a day of hyper-focused screen time so you can get a good night’s sleep. With a restful sleep in hand, you can wake up the next day with energized with feelgood thoughts. Isn’t that just what you want?


Social interaction is another important piece of the mental and emotional wellness puzzle. Working at home can be isolating. There is no doubt about it, but you can keep your spirits up by picking up the phone or shooting a quick zoom invite off to one of your work-at-home colleagues. Chat, compare notes, and offer an encouraging word. It is likely that they will be just as hungry for a social snack as you are.  


Working at home offers a great opportunity to get away from your desk and do some kettlebell slinging, deadlifting, or messing around with your cat or dog (or pretending you have a cat or dog and messing around). The adrenaline and serotonin boost will put you back on the attack and get you primed for the rest of the day.


In the mood for something a little gentler? Try one of Youtube’s copious yoga videos. They can be as short as 5 or 10 minutes. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the stress-reducing benefits of yoga. This is just a friendly reminder. Rose video


Sit back, pivot your chair away from your screen, and open your senses to the present reality of your surroundings. Meditate by paying attention to your breath until your mind wanders away. Repeat. Notice how sensations from your feet right up through the rest of your body, as well as the thoughts in your head, change ever so slightly from one moment to the next. Breathe. Rose video

Set Boundaries

Be sure to draw clear lines between the work and non-work portions of your day. Avoid the habit of working overtime because you’ve been mesmerized by your screen. The problem with working long into the night is that it a) cuts into the valuable time you spend with family, yourself or your pet chinchilla, and b) can lead to burnout, which is bad for your health and makes you less productive in the long run.      

Personally speaking, I have found these practices to be effective in maintaining both sanity and productivity in my life as a housebound desk jockey. I hope they will do the same for you!

The great news on virtual Mainstreet is that people are saying hi to each other more when out for their socially distant walks. Mom’s and dad’s that are working from home are hanging with their kids more. As our feelgood Rose, Founder of WellnessWrx and 31-year wellness veteran says, “the more giggle time you share in a day with family, friends, and shhhhh, even with yourself, the more feelgood, the more energy and the more wellness you bring into your life.”

And if for some reason you need more, we got you covered!… Keep WellnessWrx – a wellness center providing highly effective emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health services. When in need of a 15, 20, 45, or 60-minute consultation, reach out to one of our accredited Sage Wellness Providers to share wisdom, alignment, and balance. 

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Stay safe and be well. 

 Seth Feldman, WellnessWrx Sage Copywriter and PR Strategist

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