WellnessWrx Community Group Plan

In need of practice and liability insurance, first time or as a renewal?


WellnessWrx has researched the Insurance industry in Canada to find the best affiliates possible to refer you for Practice and Liability Insurance and Group, Auto and Home Insurance.


WellnessWrx will only refer Providers who have current insurance to practice. Although we are a 3rd party booking site, we pride ourselves in referring accredited and insured providers, this will build our reputation as a professional and responsible online community wellness portal.


We believe you take this seriously as well, knowing you refer one of the wellness providers to your family, friend or client you know that on WellnessWrx they have been vetted by our team.


It’s important for us to ensure that our Sage Wellness Providers have the opportunity for proper practice and liability insurance at a very reasonable rate. We know first hand how expensive insurance can be, and also how important it is to have. With this, our alliance with this very reputable insurance company will offer our Sage Providers group insurance pricing on an ongoing annual base.


In order to for WellnessWrx to assist our providers with the administration of this opportunity, we ask for a $20 annual fee. To be paid, upon the referral of the insurance company and annually to be paid, prior to your renewal.


After you receive a quote from our affiliate company and you do not wish to pursue the purchase of the insurance please let WellnessWrx know and we will return your $20.


If you decided to apply and accept the terms and payment for the insurance from our affiliate, WellnessWrx will keep the $20 as the annual administration fee for services rendered for this year.


Please fill out this form and we will get back to as soon as possible. With gratitude, WellnessWrx Sage Team.

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