WellnessWrx Community Group Plan

In need of practice and liability insurance?


WellnessWrx  has been busy vetting the Canadian insurance industry to find you the best affiliates for practice and liability, group, auto, and home insurance.


As a responsible third party booking site, we guarantee that all of our quality wellness providers are insured and accredited. We stake our reputation on it!  


If you are using wellnessWrx to refer to friends, family, or colleagues to one of our providers, we know that you take these professional standards very seriously too.


We know first hand how hard the expense for practice and liability insurance. That’s why our group plan ensures that our Sage Wellness Providers have access to affordable insurance pricing.  


In order for WellnessWrx to assist our providers with the administration of this opportunity, we ask for a $20 annual fee, to be paid upon the initial opt-in and every 12 months thereafter, prior to renewal.


If, upon reciept of your quote from our insurance affiliate, you choose not to pursue the purchase of your policy, please let WellnessWrx know and we will return your $20.


Please fill out this form, and submit payment through PayPal or with Your credit card. After payment is received, we connect you with our insurance advisor to get you a quote or to renew.


With gratitude,

The WellnessWrx Sage Team.

In need of practice and liability insurance, first time or as a renewal? We offer special group rates to our providers.