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I love You! I love being one of your first choice go to persons for wellness, dogs, family, and life philosophy.

Thank you! My wellness business has always been on the leading edge of helping others by offering available and sustainable choices through paradigm energy shifts.

In the world of wellness and health choice has become an abundant opportunity. From organics, gluten-free, paleo, juicing, cannabis, energy, and Reiki, it’s crazy how it’s opened up to being discussed anywhere and everywhere. Now, there’s a choice, but how to choose. So my mission has always been to offer choice, and as my spiritual paradigm shifts me, it’s become my mission to provide choice by building on what I’ve been doing for 19 years. Offering choice outside the treatment room.

What’s a good fit for your best friend, or work peep who requires finding someone for mental health challenges or hurt back that happened at the cottage while diving off the deck into the cold lake?

So, I’ve searched, and sorted and came to an understanding that I’m to extend choice options for You, family, friends, work peeps by way of accessibility, accountability, credibility to choose from accredited and vetted wellness providers who are experts in their service to all. Mental health is not on the rise, it’s been there all along. I am a product of healing from it. Mental health is in the open, and this is a good thing. Let me help you by letting you help others.

Get it, let’s help together with all the people who we love and surround us day by day with choice for all their wellness paths; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritually.

Let’s partner up to help as many people as we can. Share this with everyone you know or at least 1 or 3 people, please.

You have my word that if you share, my team and I will help the paradigm shift into wellness for your peeps, as soon as they PICK~CLICK~CONNECT at WellnessWrx.

I appreciate you doing this, it helps my life mission to reach as many people as I can to let them know that there are way more options for their wellness paths than the medical system offers. Let’s work together to make WellnessWrx a household name! With huge gratitude, Rose


Rose A. Weinberg, WellnessWrxProject BeamON, Founder of The feelgood Company, and the co-creator of WellnessWrx portal and App. Rose is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, CEO and Chief Executive Sage and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom, she loves her dog, nature, home, martial arts and being playful.

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