How to Eat Mindfully in 2020

How to Eat Mindfully in 2020

Last week WellnessWrx published an article on the practice of mindful eating.  Shortly after this post was launched, I proceeded to eat an entire assortment pack of expired yogurt. Was it hypocritical? Yes. Was it foolish? Definitely.  But, as Nietzsche wrote, human all too human.

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of blooping and gurgling, and it wasn’t coming from the pipes. I knew that this was not a positive sign of things to come. The next 24 hours was an agonizing battle with nausea characterized by moaning that the neighbours probably heard. 

Full disclosure: I am not very good at following through on New Year’s resolutions. But sometimes pain is the best teacher, and sometimes a depraved yoghurt binge is what it takes.  So thank you yoghurt, I will be making a concerted effort to eat mindfully in 2020.  

Our resident homeopath, Rose A. Weinberg recommended the all-natural homeopathic gut remedies Arsenicum 30c and Nux Vomica 30c and they really helped speed along the recovery process.  Put 2 pellets of each under the tongue and let dissolve. Repeat this every few hours for a total of 3 times.  

Here is a list of common mindful eating practices that I will be striving to  follow in 2020:

    1. Pause before the first bite. Take a moment to reflect on your appreciation for the food and everything it offers in the form of enjoyment and sustenance. 
    2. Focus on your breathing.  Take a few deep breaths and pay close attention to the turning points between inhaling and exhaling. This will help quiet the mind so you can be more conscious of how you are eating.
    3. How you eat is more important than what you eat. It seems counterintuitive, but your emotional state is actually a determining factor behind what you put in your mouth.  Are you eating to nourish your body or pacify your emotions? Simply take notice of what is motivating you.
    4. Eliminate distraction.  Close your laptop and turn off your phone.  It is impossible to be mindful when you are distracted.
    5. Turn eating into a sacred ritual. Mindful eating is a form of meditation. You can turn it into a sacred practice by thinking of your table as an alter. Lay your food out in an appealing manner and take time to notice the visual, tactile, and olfactory dimensions of your food as a prelude to eating. Be sure to take time to savour every bite!  

Happy, healthy, mindful 2020!

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Seth Feldman, WellnessWrx Sage Copywriter and PR Strategist