From Brain Fog to Freedom in One Dose

From Brain Fog to Freedom in One Dose


How the homeopathic remedy ‘Cannabis Indica’ helped my brain fog

It seems like a lifetime ago from an altered reality that I woke up, and went to sleep bounded by panic, fear and overall un-feelgood.

If I were to describe freedom today, I would say that being able to share my past story of suffering through 24/7 panic, fear and un-feelgood, and not have it trigger, or make feel any connection to that Rose, is complete and ideal freedom.

During that past energetic time of low vibration of un-feelgood, many things were part of the transformation to being who I am today.

Who am I today? So simple to answer; I’m feelgood Rose A. (Adorable) Weinberg, who has fulfilled in all areas my life, satisfied, peaceful and filled with love and joy.

Why am I this today? Great question, because I’m free with the pure knowledge of having a choice in my wellness.

I think of life as a parallel to the movie The Wizard of Oz. We all have a bit of Dorthy in us, especially if you’re a dog lover like me and loved Toto in that movie.

And on our path to find our best peaceful well-self and live in our now, we have a focus on our path. So with this, we encounter people, places, moments that transform our energy. Correct?

In my view, the wicked witch symbolizes inner demons and fears that we create in our now life experience.

The Scarecrow become Dorothy’s right-hand advisor, partner-like energy that had a clear vision that home was available to her, she just had to trust the process. Trust becomes the freedom in this scenario.

The Tin Man, translates to our open hearts, our human emotions and feelings that we’re supposed to be okay with, and not hid in a corner and rust until our energy is blocked.

The Cowardly Lion, although I relate most to the Scarecrow, I love the Cowardly Lion, because of his honesty with fear and death, as I felt 24/7 living in panic and anxiety. And of course like all heroes in a story, who at first feel they can’t measure up to the success of saving themselves and their loved ones rise to the top by huffing all the demons away.

On my yellow brick road, when I virtually left all the human rules that raised me from heritage, institutions and overall everything as I went to seek out freedom to feelgood, find my purpose and to be the extraordinary wife, mom and entrepreneur that I chose to be, my three transformational energy were as follows;

Reiki Energy ~ Universe!
Holistic Nutrition

For me, although going through such a dark time in my life, leaving home and my family was not part of my choice, I adore my life. What I chose to do was go the thought process that was imposed upon me from others, giving myself space to connect to my pure essences of being an optimist, fun and feelgood.

During the journey, there were many people I encountered on the way, who taught me who I wanted to be and also who I didn’t want to be, so grateful to all of them.
But the three encounters with Homeopathy, Reiki, and holistic nutrition were my Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.
What I did in my head was leave the thoughts, rules, and manifestations that were not working for me, that we’re creating this life of fear and sought out freedom.

The first Homeopathic remedy that freed me was Arnica 30c
First Reiki-treatment that released me was during a facial, where I took a real breath.
Change of diet came after watching the movie Babe. I went vegetarian and ate as many organic foods possible in the ’90s. Soon to be followed by gluten-free.

During the time of transformation to feelgood Rose, many homeopathic remedies assisted the anxiety and fears. As I felt the clearing of my energy, and the vibration of self-feeling empowered to feelgood, I noticed a brain fog that was still there present at times.

My Homeopath at the time recommends a tincture call *Cannabis Indica. It was a homeopathic (diluted to 30c) liquid tincture of Cannabis. He gave me the vile, and so on my way to trying what correct homeopathy is all about. Like curing like.

Brain fog being treated with one dose; 3 drops of the water-based dilution, and within 10 minutes what I had known as a way of life for years, dissipated to clarity.

Now that cannabis is legal I felt completed to share this story for 3 reasons.

Homeopathy is the most exceptional system of medicine that has ever been created. So people should know that it’s one of the best choices in healing today and has been for over 250 years.
Cannabis being legal has already created an excellent choice for people to use this medically instead of pharmaceutical substance and see tremendous results in all areas of wellness.
I am honoured and humbled to be part of this century that can offer choice in wellness and offer this information for others to make their choice to wellness freedom.

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*Consult with a Registered Homeopathy before taking any homeopathic remedies.
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Rose A. Weinberg, Founder of The feelgood Company, WellnessWrxProject BeamON, and the co-creator of WellnessWrx portal and App. Rose is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, CEO and Chief Executive Sage and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom, she loves her dog, nature, home, martial arts and being playful.