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It goes without saying that our stress levels may be heightened with every move we make. Either we’re stressed about our day-to-day work, life routine, or we’re stressed because there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel during this pandemic.


Even the weather is a bit wonky, from beautiful sunny warm days to rainy, even snowy cooler days, there’s no way of knowing which way the wind will blow or if the sun will shine. This, alongside the lockdown, means our limited outdoor visits with our loved ones also have a limitation, resulting in more stress!


Finding a way to tune out from the stressors and tune in to feeling more balanced and aligned at times feels impossible. Sometimes we may feel like dropping everything, run away and tune out the stress and all the responsibilities that are overloading us.


Is it about walking away from our workload, quitting our jobs, saying so long to our family, or the lifestyle we generally appreciate? No, it is about taking a break from thinking of the stressors. It’s a good idea to tune out everything and everyone for a short while to gain balance and alignment. Another way of looking at this is to create a Zen moment, or you may know it better as being in your Zone.


There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And stopping what you’re doing when you feel stressed is a way to repurpose your energy to finding your Zen. Being Zen is like being in your Zone when you simply feel alignment with what you’re doing or even with what you’re not doing at that moment.


Zen is a Japanese Sanskrit for feeling peaceful and relaxed, or balanced and aligned. An example of being Zen is like a moment of how you’d feel during the time at a spa. Imagine feeling that spa-like anytime, anywhere?


7 WrxTips to find Zen moments!


  1. Do one thing at a time and do it well: Take a break from rushing or multi-tasking and simply focus on the one thing you’re doing at that time.
  2. Prioritize Your to-do list: It is easy to keep adding to your to-do list. It becomes never-ending and stressful if you don’t complete tasks that need to get done. Make two lists. The first one is your priority list, the one that needs your current attention. The second one is for everything else, then assign a day or time to tackle the task.
  3. Get moving: Take time to get out and exercise, walk, garden, dance, do a household chore – all great cardio.
  4. Have fun: We forget to have fun when we are so caught up in doing. What can you do today to have some fun? Eat something fun like ice cream? A laugh with a friend? Do something that lights you up!
  5. Get creative: This can mean anything. Paint, write in a journal, design and build something, exercise your creative side.
  6. Find quiet time: Having quiet time at one point in the day is so important. Stop everything and take some time to just be.
  7. Create rituals: Everything you do has a sense of importance, even the stressors that you don’t want to do. Become mindfully aware of your daily rituals. This will help create Zen moments within the mundane.


Rest assured, taking simple mindful breaks throughout the day will help you tune into some Zen moments. Keep in mind that stress is good. It’s all how you manage it.


For clearer direction, go to WrxConcierge, our WrxTeam Wellness Expert, with guide you to the support you need to learn how to find more Zen moments in your day!


Rose and The WellnessWrx Team


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