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I would like to thank Feel Good Rose and the team at WellnessWrx for welcoming me to the family as the company’s official copywriter and PR strategist.

So far, no minor league hockey hazing rituals (being from Toronto, I couldn’t resist the reference), just the warmth and kindness one would expect from a company dedicated to fostering physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and healing. 

WellnessWrx’s mission is to provide convenient access to the best wellness service providers with a simple PICK~CLICK~CONNECT!

I wish that this service had been available during my years of struggle when I was searching for a treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Finding the right treatment options would have been so much easier.

Before the internet, holistic healing therapies were harder to come by. They were out there, but it was hard to know just where to look and who to trust. The internet, on the other hand, offers a ridiculously confusing amount of choice.

WellnessWrx cuts through the noise by connecting you with the best holistic practitioners and healers. When you book an appointment with one of our trusted wellness professionals, you know you will be in good hands.

The platform is an integrative hub for all things wellness! Download the app and keep it on hand or share it with a friend in need.

At WellnessWrx‘s, we want to make your life easier…because everything is easier when you know you are supported by people who care.

Wellness seekers! Please feel free to share your own experiences here. Have you struggled with particular health issues? Or faced roadblocks in the healthcare system?

Let’s start a conversation!

Seth Feldman, WellnessWrx Sage Copywriter and PR Strategist

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