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We are thrilled to feature guest blogger, David Cohen, to offer some sage wisdom on how to transform winter blues into high-flying dancing shoes! While the post speaks to home business owners, its advice is universal. David is a radio host, home-based business coach, event facilitator, public speaker, and the newest member of the WellnessWrx family. He is in the midst of collaborating with Wrx Founder, Rose A. Weinberg, on a series of webinars focused on helping wellness providers build their practices. 

Welcome to February 2020…the new year is underway as is this new decade and if you live in the northern climates of the United States or Canada, the winter blues are beginning to creep in. The new year and decade of hope is slipping into the same old, same old, at least weather-wise.

I don’t know about you, but those wet, snowy cloudy winter days are good for one thing and that is a good old-fashioned nap!

Yes, the winter blues, colder temps, wetter weather, dull cloudy days are not a ton of fun. So, how on earth do you keep your vibe up and ensure the newness of what you set out to create at the start of the month and year keeps going. Where you don’t let the “weather” get in the way of your goals, new initiatives and dreams?

Psych Central states this about the “Winter Blahs”. “Call it the winter blues or blahs or simply seasonal sadness. Whatever term you use, around this time, many of us start to feel our mood sinking. We feel especially tired and sluggish. We might even feel like the walking dead, moping from one task to the next.”

Personally, I live in Toronto, Canada, where wintertime can be a bit much. It can be cold, snowy, cloudy and dull. Oh wait, then you’re on high alert, when a snowstorm is in the forecast or a “freezing rain” warning is happening. It may be safer to stay inside than head outdoors in that kind of weather…

You may in fact get a little cabin fever.

Here are some sure-fire strategies to not let winter interfere with your new vision and plans.

Go with what is

Is to just go with it. If you feel the winter blahs, just allow it to happen; not every day is sunny and nice, and it is the same with life. If the blahs persist for more than a week, seek professional help and/or counseling.

Practice self-care

Self-care, self-love and really nurture yourself this time of year. Get rest, exercise (regularly), move the body; it is hard to be in a funk if you’re dancing at home to rock music. Eat well, lot’s of veggies, fruit and no junk food. Plus, stay hydrated, drink water and even drink some lemon water or apple cider vinegar in water to clean out the system.

Oh, and if it is a cloudy dull day, have that nap. You’re self-employed. It’s okay to nap. When you get up, you will have that energy boost to allow you to do more work or tend to other important matters. Your goals don’t have deadlines. Leave room for time flexibility. Don’t lose sight of them, but keep the deadlines a little looser. Listen to your body. It will guide you as to what it needs.

If you are inside all day, go to your local dollar store and buy some mini canvas boards, some paints and brushes and paint a picture. You don’t have to be good at this, but the fact that you take time out and express your creativity is vital for you to be more you in your business. Taking time out to be creative, rest and play will make you more effective in your business venture!

Take time to de-clutter/organize your space

Tidy up your office and de-clutter your space. Put on good music, light some incense, and maybe buy a motivational poster to hang up. Make your workspace nice, soothing, inviting and inspiring. Put on some good music to keep your vibes high.

The little things count

Do little things like go for a mall walk or go to an indoor greenhouse. See a movie one afternoon; nothing says self-care during the winter like seeing a 4pm movie with a buddy! Do things that pick up your spirits this time of year. Go to the art gallery, see live music at a club, hit the gym or the community centre pool for a swim. I love a good sauna or steam bath this time of year too!

Take time out to get some extra care

Don’t forget to go for a massage, foot rub (reflexology) and/or your chiropractor. Book your annual physical and see your dentist too. It is a great feeling when you take care of number one! That’s you!

When the weather allows, pretend it’s summer outside

If the driving allows, go up to the country and pretend it’s summer and tap into a nearby small town to have afternoon tea or coffee. You can also have a “beach party” at home. My niece sent out invites to friends and family to go to an indoor beach party at the end of January. We dressed up in beach shirts, shorts, and cold beer was on tap. It was the “I Hate January Beach Party” with reggae music, fun, and socializing!

Yes, the holiday bills are coming in. It may be snowing and up to your knees out there, but take each day as it comes and know that in time the days get longer. Baseball’s first spring training games happen around February 21st/22nd and many other things happen.

Make good use of a snow day

Finally, take advantage of the poorer weather to work on your business plan or do some sales and marketing planning. How many of you reading this have a viable business plan?

Take courses to improve your skill sets, network a little, and meet new people. The bottom line is that to beat the winter blahs, you must shake things up and face winter head-on. You got this!

I mean heck, snow-shoeing to see a client is not so bad is it? In my day, we walked 5 miles backwards in 5 feet of snow. Yes, we were crazy, if you’re wondering. Please embrace the season and practice self-care and new actions!

Make it a good month ahead!

David Cohen is an author, business coach, event facilitator, radio host, producer, and WellnessWrx business consultant. He has taught thousands over the years in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has coached hundreds of startups to make those important first steps.  He specializes in helping small business owners mine their strengths, get clear on their value, their markets, and then begin to develop a sales and marketing game plan that gets results.

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