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Hey BDO, we’re excited to be Your go-to portal for health and wellness all on one convenient Website and App. We offer You the opportunity to invest in Your own wellness, because, after all, Your health is Your greatest asset, and no two humans are alike.

We’re investing in Your wellness too, by offering you a 10% courtesy discount on all initial and follow-up appointments booked through our website and app. To honour our collaboration with BDO, we ask that you booked through WellnessWrx every time. We appreciate it!

All You have to do is register below to receive Your BDO courtesy discount code.

WellnessWrx is the perfect complement to Your health benefits program.

We’re committed to working in synergy with BDO to offer You the best in accredited wellness to feelgood at work, rest and play! Pick. Click. Connect.

Our mission is to connect You to Choice in accredited and insurance-approved Sage Providers and services, both mainstream and holistic, and free educational resources and self-care tools ~ BlogWrx. LearnWrx. MeditationWrx.

BTW if there’s something that you’re looking for, we’d be happy to search it for You. Shhhh… it’s completely confidentially.

We put together this quick video to get You started!

Introducing the program: Wrx overview

Pick. Click. Connect.

  • Virtual care is nation-wide
  • Integrative services: mainstream~holistic for You and Your family
  • New BlogWrx, MeditationWrx, LearnWrx offered regularly
  • Perks, discounts, and a Birthday Wellness Gift to celebrate You!

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  • Support: Live chatbot, or
  • Where applicable use your extended benefits
  • All *holistic providers and their services are insurance-approved to practice
  • Customized wellness, simply reach out!
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*Managed wellness programs, events, onsite and virtually, speakers, webinars – some at additional cost

*Brand-specific content marketing for your employee’s wants – some at additional cost

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