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WellnessWrx has everything Your team needs… in harmony with existing benefits and health spending accounts and so much more! Keep on reading…

In synergy with Your company culture, offering choice in accredited wellness, blending mainstream and holistic. Your team enjoys a 10% courtesy discount for every appointment booked on WellnessWrx. Enjoy BlogWrx, MeditationWrx, LearnWrx, on us. We invite employees and their families to Pick. Click. Connect.

Customized to reflect Your company’s unique culture, including Your own branded login portal on WellnessWrx.

A strong wellness culture means healthy employees and a healthier bottom line.

The verdict is in: research now shows that saving on healthcare costs you more in the long run. Companies pay more on the other side through higher rates of absenteeism, sluggish productivity, and worker attrition, as more workers are apt to move to competing organizations with better wellness plans on offer.

FACT: Employees in companies with strong wellness cultures are more productive and engaged with the company mission.

Let Your Team Know You Care!

  • Our unique platform is a great vehicle to facilitate wellness culture among your workforce.
  • Putting wellness upfront lets your employees know you care.
  • Workers in companies with strong wellness cultures have reported a 67% correlation between their wellness programs and commitment to the company’s mission and goals versus 31% in those without.

Everything Your Team Needs On One Platform

  • Connecting Your workforce to accredited and insurance-approved providers, both mainstream and holistic, educational resources, and self-care tools, all on one platform.
  • The perfect complement to Your existing health benefits program.
  • We bring over 29 years of expertise in the health and wellness industry.

Your Team Deserves The Best

  • Our platform strengthens the emotional connection between employee and employer.
  • We are a complimentary perk for employers to attract and retain employees at no additional cost, while maintaining and growing an alliance with Your insurance broker.
  • AI-powered chatbot, virtual care, other personalized benefits.
  • AI Analytics Engine that understands employee health and wellness needs.
  • White labeling options for corporate branding.

COVID-19 has changed the face of healthcare. WellnessWrx is on the leading edge with virtual and onsite services on a secure platform with an ensemble of wellness tools available 24/7.

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