The best addition for

Your employees Well-being!

Our Passion is to move wellness options forward by engaging and providing an ecosystem of mainstream and holistic wellness choices for your team!

We offer accredited wellness choices in synergy with Your company culture, existing health benefits, and health spending accounts. Our unique platform blends mainstream and holistic wellness to provide your employees with accredited choices for their well-being.

We engage and provide employees and their families to

choose their well-being.

Let Your Team Know You Care!

  • Our unique platform is here to help you facilitate a wellness culture among your workforce.
  • Putting wellness upfront lets your employees know you care.
  • Workers in companies with strong wellness cultures have reported a 67% correlation between their wellness programs and commitment to the company’s mission and goals versus 31% in those without.

Everything Your Team Needs On One Platform

  • Our program offers Your workforce accredited and insurance-approved providers and their services, both mainstream and holistic.
  • We offer customized educational resources, and self-care tools, all on one platform.
  • The perfect platform to engage your team to choose their well-being.
  • We here for your employees and their families.
  • We bring over 23 years of expertise in the health and wellness industry.

Your Team Deserves The Best in Secure Care

  • Our secure booking and virtual care system is Health Canada Approved and will be available in 2021 for Your team and their families to book securely and easily with accredited wellness providers.
  • Our platform strengthens the emotional connection between employee and employer.
  • We are a complimentary perk for employers to attract and retain employees at no additional cost while maintaining and growing an alliance with Your insurance broker.
  • AI-powered chatbot, virtual care, other personalized benefits.
  • AI Analytics Engine that understands employee health and wellness needs.
  • White labeling options for corporate branding.

There’s never been a better time to bring wellness choice to your employees at work, rest and play


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