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Our individual worlds may seem busy, stressful all the time, and just trying to set aside 15 minutes for yourself to practice some simple mindfulness can feel overwhelming. Maybe you even think that perhaps this is impossible.

Here’s how you can find even just a brief oasis to help recenter yourself in as little as one minute each day if you open yourself up to giving these few tips a try.

It takes a bit of patience to practice every day, but it’s doable, and most importantly, you’re worth doing it for.

Mindfulness Time aka 1-minute of “You Time”

Making time is the difficult piece of all this. How can you do it if you have kids bouncing off the walls? The dog must be walked. Thinking about dinner prep. Oh ya, and that work project needs to get done.

What does 10 or 15 minutes even mean for you who are busy all day and night? Even 5-10 minutes seems like a big investment in your time, let alone take time for mindfulness.

And what is mindfulness? One simple way to describe it is by imagining lying down on a field of grass looking at the clouds go by or lying down by a riverbed to see the variety of debris come and go. When you do this or even think about it, you feel a sense of peacefulness flood through your body, and it gives you a sense of peacefulness in your mind.

We can relate mindfulness as it relates to the balance of a car’s gas and brake pedals, knowing that we can’t have our foot on the gas at all times. We must break when it’s appropriate. We often forget to put on the breaks or even slow it down with our busy lives and come to a rolling stop. Our nervous system has a gas pedal and a brake pedal, and we need both to work together safely. Since we live in a society where everyone seems to press their gas pedal to the ground all the time, we need to re-wire our thinking to understand that it’s not just okay to slow down or break for a minute, but it’s imperative to do so. When working with any type of wellness provider, be it, Phycologist, Psychotherapist, Wellness and Mindful Coaches, Reiki Masters, just to name a few, we are reminded, taught, even shown ways to put on the holistic brakes for our well-being.

There still is a past belief that our country and culture are founded on the go go go system. However, more and more people are embracing a more holistic view of bringing mindfulness into their lifestyles. Especially if we realize it’s not about giving up our life to meditate for hours in a day. It’s about taking a few minutes a day to soften the edge of our busy, busy life to bring some peace of mind in. Think of it as putting on the brakes a little more often, especially when you feel your foot pushes the gas pedal to the max.

5 WrxTips to Embrace Mindfulness in Your Busy World


1 Practice makes progress

Start with one-minute breathing exercises. Find a spot somewhere in your home or workspace so you can take your break at the same time and place every day. It could be your bed when you wake up in the morning or your couch. Possibly in your car, or on transit when traveling to work, or when you’re doing an errand.

The routine is effortless. Simply take a breath in for four counts and then breathe out for eight counts to get started. Then repeat this four times. If that feels good, keep going until you’ve reached a minute’s worth of breathing.

Remember that it will take time to build up to that a full minute, or maybe the minute is a piece of cake for you. Either way, give it a go and embrace this as your minute of mindfulness. Even if your mind is going a mile a minute, you will see and feel the benefits of this shortly after a few breaths.

The goal is not to clear your mind completely. The goal is to detach your mind and body for one minute and do nothing but concentrate on your breath.

Eventually, your practice will extend to 10 to 15 minutes every day. And you’ll miss it on the days you decide not to embrace your breathing time.

2 Use of mindful apps

Apps are an easy, accessible way to take a few minutes of your time. Check out MeditationWrx or LearnWrx. Choose from one of the short meditations or Qi Gong exercise available from our resource library.

3 Standing or sitting still

A mindful way to approach things is by simply standing or sitting still for a minute or more and doing nothing. Focus on your body, your toes, and your fingertips. This is a great way to allow your body to feel in control, and at the same time, it gives you a break from whatever you were doing.

4 Mid and end of the day reflections 

Other mindfulness options include taking a quick scan of where you are in the middle and the end of the day. You may find it effective to do a quick run-through of how your day is going, like a film, before you. Doing this before you fall asleep can bring you a sense of calm and solidify your accomplishments throughout the day. Even the simplest achievement is worth noting, such as easing up a bit on your gas pedal to embrace creating a brake.

5 Gratitude and Appreciation 

Being grateful and appreciative for our lives is well worth noting to help bring mindfulness to ourselves. Think of three things you’re grateful for each day. There’s tremendous evidence that the feeling of gratitude expands into other aspects of our lives, changing the way we process information and improving our mental health.

Want more or struggling with ways to find mindfulness within your busy world? We’re here to help. Reach out to WrxConcierge, ask us anything health and wellness related. We have a solution for you.

Rose A. Weinberg, Founder, Cheif Wellness Officer,  WellnessWrx, Founder of The feelgood Company. She loves her family, home, martial arts, being playful, and feeling good! Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, Full-filled Wife~Mom~Bubi~DogMom~DogBubi


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