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Eleanor Silverberg is a Registered Social Worker and the Director of Jade Self Development Coaching. The company’s objective is to provide transforming coping tools so you can self-monitor with self-awareness, empowering you with the inner and outer resources to live the highest quality of life that you can.

Eleanor is a grief specialist and coping strategist. In addition to addressing death circumstances, her area of expertise is in assisting those going through non-death situational losses™ particularly assisting older adults to process the losses they are experiencing while meeting the demands of caring for frail or chronically ill family members with chronic illness. Her books “Caregiving with Strength” and more recently “Keeping It Together” specifically offer assistance to family caregivers, with a section devoted to processing the losses for their wellbeing and ability to provide care.

As a coping strategist for a variety of circumstances such as job loss and divorce in addition to caregiving, Eleanor applies the 3-A Approach: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist she developed. The 3-A’s act as a coping framework bringing in different models and strategies to be used as required for your unique circumstance. The intention is to raise consciousness so you are empowered to self-monitor with self-awareness while working through adversity and loss and to move forward stronger with increased resiliency.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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