You’ve layered up, put on your hat and mittens, done everything you can to insulate your body from the cold of winter. You’ve doubled-down on handwashing to minimize germ exposure.  But despite these efforts, cold and flu germs have a way of getting past your best defenses. Dry winter air provides the perfect medium for germs to float and frolic on, so short of wearing some sort of industrial filtration mask, nobody is really immune.

Sometimes we get lucky and our symptoms are only mild. However, there are also times when it can really knock us off our feet.

Fortunately, there is help.  Homeopathy has been a salve to countless cold and flu sufferers. It is an effective preventative and helpful treatment that can reduce symptoms and speed up recovery times. Our very own Rose A. Weinberg just happens to be a registered homeopath with over two decades of experience treating patients.

Rose shared her excitement with me about a recent TV commercial from a leading homeopathic manufacturer advertising cough remedies for kids and adults. Rose, who raised her family on homeopathy, and has been a homeopath for the past 20 years, is so elated to know that homeopathy and homeopaths are finally becoming mainstream.

Here’s a list of some of Rose’s top remedies for coughs and colds, many of which she has recommended to patients and raised her family on for the past 27 years.  Remember that the sick person does not need to have all of the symptoms listed for a particular remedy, but if the list includes most of the symptoms (including all of the prominent symptoms), this should help you to choose the right one. Read more on Homeopathy. Most of these remedies are available at health food stores in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Keep in mind that homeopathy is regulated in Ontario; one must acquire a certification from the College of Homeopathy in order to practice.  The great news is that WellnessWrx has two registred homeopaths onsite, and we anticipate bringing more onboard in the coming year. To view their profiles, just click here.

  • Aconite: sudden onset, often after exposure to cold weather or dry, cold wind; the very beginning of illness, within the first 24 hours.
  • Allium cepa: clear, burning nasal discharge that burns the skin and upper lip; eyes red and burning with profuse bland tearing; tickling in larynx, painful dry cough.
  • Arsenicum: profuse watery nasal discharge that burns the skin, nose feels stopped up; irritation and tickling in the nose, chilly, anxious, restless, and fearful.
  • Belladonna: sudden onset; high fever, dry flushed hot face, “strawberry tongue”; mentally dull but unusually sensitive to light, odors, noise, anxious.
  • Chamomilla: often used for earache; very irritable and sensitive, severe pain. Use this remedy with Belladonna for earaches.
  • Euphrasia: bland watery discharge from the nose and copious burning tears (opposite of Allium cepa); nasal discharge.
  • Gelsemium: gradual onset; sensation of heaviness throughout the body, drooping eyelids; great fatigue, but feels restless; chills up and down the spine, flu-like symptoms.
  • Kali bichromicum: used during later stages of cold; discharge thick, yellow or greenish, and stringy, difficult to remove from nose; thick post-nasal drip; sinus headache with pressure at root of nose; head or face pain that can be pointed to with one finger; hoarse voice; better from heat and lying down.
  • Kali muriaticum: to clear Eustachian tube following earache; snapping noises in the ear, impaired hearing following earache.
  • Mercurius: cold begins with creeping chilliness; violent sneezing; thick green or profuse watery nasal discharge.
  • Phosphorus: laryngitis and hoarseness, violent tickling in throat while speaking, worse in the morning or evening; cough dry or loose, croupy or deep.
  • Pulsatilla: for a “ripe” cold; thick, creamy, bland yellow to yellow-green nasal discharge, with stuffiness alternating with fluent discharge; nose may run in the open air and the evening, and stuff up in a warm room. Wants sympathy and attention.

Look for our next post on how to take a homeopathic remedy and how often.

To your wellness,

Seth Feldman, WellnessWrx Sage Copywriter and PR Strategist

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