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Here’s a simple answer!

The partnership between cannabis and meditation goes back centuries. It’s the kind of history that books do not offer much detail. Mostly because of the correlation between the two was used primarily in ritual ceremonies. Unlike today when you can choose from 1000’s of different strains and understand in detail what each one is used for. (In the past there wasn’t much detail on what people were smoking especially in more ancient rituals) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entheogenic use of cannabis

Today, depending on lifestyle within your wellness paths, referring to emotional, mental, and physical health, there may be a need to include cannabis within your meditation outline, or with your daily regiment for pain, anxiety, other health-related diseases.

Over the past 19 years, as a professional in the wellness industry and someone who personally suffered from panic attacks prior to becoming a wellness provider, I perfected the most simple form of meditation for the most acute and chronic of busy brains. I have not used cannabis within my practice. However, being in the health and wellness industry I’ve taught 100’s of people with busy brains, pain, stress levels that were beyond the norm, to take 15 minutes once, or best twice a day and do a simple quiet your self into a moment of finding peace, purpose and feelgood energy, through a breathing technique, I call the NOWbreath, through various and visualizations. However, many people who suffer from chronic pain and/or anxiety have acute challenges in settling the mind. From what I know and through many of my clients who recently, over the past 5 years, have been using medical cannabis, have found that adding this into their quiet time has lessened both pain and anxiety. 

However, I’m not an expert in the cannabis arena. A recent affiliate partner that works alongside my online wellness portal, WellnessWrx is an expert. Meet Strainprint a truly remarkable new powerful data and analytics portal and App that offers You the ability to share your symptoms of any kind and find out what strain of cannabis would be best suited for your needs.

The technology of meditation is simple. You take a walk, sit have a cup of tea, breath for 15 minutes, and settle your mind, body and align with your soul, and it’s all good. The complications begin when we create complications in our mind, and when we suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. If simply breathing helps only a bit, or not at all, cannabis may just be the offered suggestion to help quiet the mind, which is the key to calming the physical, mental and emotional state of how we are.

To truly benefit from meditating, it’s best done a minimum once a day, for 15 minutes. Sit, stand, lay down, even try walking and listening to music, or a meditation podcast. Connect with experts, allow yourself the opportunity to work with an accredited Wellness Provider who offers classes or one-on-one meditation techniques to teach you simple ways to meditate at work, rest or play. WellnessWrx and Strainprint are a great example of a fit for finding Providers to assist you inside the treatment room and finding the best strain of cannabis for more than just meditation, for chronic pain, anxiety and for all dis-ease states. 

Meditation, breathing, 15 minutes a day of anything that gets you to slow down your breath, which intern slows down your heart rate and then quiets your mind, will benefit you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Cannabis, meditation, and You! Find your fit with WellnessWrx and Strainprint!

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