Streamlining Client/Patient-centric Care

We’re Building Community ~ from our Clients to our Providers, we have You in mind!

Join the Virtual Revolution

  • Our upcoming client/patient-centric management system with secure virtual care will make your life simple and your clients experience seamless. From booking to session, and beyond, seamless and supportive.
  • WrxResourses for client to access 24.7!

Wellness for Humans

  • Pick. Click.  Connect.
  • Your own customized profile page that showcases You.
  • We market You daily to our corporate & student programs.
  • We do the Wrx in marketing so you can focus on what You do best.

Our App is Your App

  • Our App/website features YOU to new clients to book initial and follow-up appointments!
  • Our App offers WrxResourses available 24/7!
How it Wrx: Pick. Click. Connect.
  • New and subsequent clients Pick you
  • Click your profile page
  • Connect by booking and paying for an appointment
  • You get notified… voila! a qualified, booked appointment!
Service Fees

Services Fee(s): new clients and follow-ups

  • 15% referral fee every time a client acquired through WellnessWrx books You
  • 5% client courtesy discount every time they book

Corporate & Student Clients

  • 15% referral fee when a client books You
  • 10% client courtesy discount every time they book

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  • Email
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  • Address
  • Accreditation/Certification
  • Liabiliaty Insurance (All good, if you don't have this now, let us know when filling out the form

Details of Your Services

  • Clinic Description and/or Provider Bio (edit anytime)
  • An Image to upload
    (images can be added later).
Thank you for choosing to be featured on WellnessWrx. We appreciate You and look forward to marketing and building Your practice! (you can opt-out of your subscription any time) Go ahead, fill out the form, then view Your profile page under the Sage Provider Section. 🙏