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Bring Reiki into Your Life!

Reiki came into my life when I was suffering from daily panic attacks. My life in my head was in constant chaos. I was seeking purpose and direction, but I didn’t know how to access the guidance I needed. When I had my first Reiki treatment, I immediately felt calm and relaxed, emotions that were foreign to me over those very dark years of living with panic. I came to know that I was not just connecting to my human purpose, but re-connecting to the long-traveled road of my soul’s purpose.

At first, I pursued Reiki for reasons that seemed selfish.  It was for my kids and for myself. I had hoped that we could rid ourselves of feeling sick and fearful and find some simple reason as to why we existed.

After completing level 1 of my certification, I realized that it was actually a selfless act; I was able to calm my kids and myself at work and rest and play naturally. This brought calmness to my family, my marriage, my life as a whole.

Ah… order and harmony became in my present and future!

At a time when we are searching more than ever for meaning, purpose, and asking complex questions about the world around us, Reiki may hold the answer. Reiki is an ancient Japanese word composed of two syllables: “Rei,” meaning universal life and “ki,” meaning energy. 

When you experience Reiki through the laying or hovering of hands by a certified Reiki Master or Provider, there is an emotional release often described as a ray of sunshine flowing through the body. A trained Reiki Master or Teacher can impart the first level of Reiki and the ability to experience this calm and peaceful energy anytime, anywhere. If you are stressed, ill, suffering from any emotional, mental, or physical issues, you may want to seek out a Reiki Master to help you release your stress by sharing this incredible modality with you.

Reiki is the expression of universal energy!

The universal energy, known as Reiki is pure peace and calm. It is an energy source, which may lay dormant until activated by a skilled practitioner.

It’s a great way for You to connect to calmness is found through Reiki because of its simplicity and instant effectiveness. It can quickly put you into a meditative state of letting go. Letting go can be achieved through meditation or getting lost in an activity that you love. Reiki is a powerful alternative to release negative emotions when these methods aren’t working. 

If you know a qualified Reiki Master, seek them out to offer you hands-on or distant Reiki. This can be life-changing, especially during these times of uncertainty and fear.

Once attuned to Reiki we can intuit the flow within us at every moment, providing a sense of fulfillment and spiritual nourishment. This begins by trusting the process as we feel the energy build within and let go of stress, pain, unwanted emotions and feelings. It can be accessed by simply placing our hands anywhere on our body and feeling peace and calm, allowing ourselves to connect to our journey.

From my own experience, I feel that Reiki is the most sustainable healing modality available for all. If you are attuned, you can do Reiki on yourself or others, anywhere, anytime.  If you are looking to bring calm, peace, and purpose into your life, you can call upon someone who is attuned to Reiki and they will share this universal energy with you. Nowadays Reiki Masters are not hard to find. However, seeking out a qualified Reiki Master can be a bit tedious. All Reiki Masters on WellnessWrx are trained, accredited, and insurance-approved. 

Reiki offers us the emotional, mental, and physical components

Call upon Reiki to aid us as we create purpose in our lives. It is a way to heal our aches, pains, worries, and fears. Most importantly, it offers us a sustainable connection to self on a spiritual level. Using Reiki for personal growth is absolute because Reiki, the universal energy, is absolute.

When Reiki came into my life in 1999, it was a source for many answers that I had been seeking. Over the past 22 years, as I evolved with Reiki as a master and certified teacher, I offered the people around me this simple insight: Reiki shows us a path to the answers we already know but have yet to discover. Reiki reconnects us to our soul’s journey. It shows us, through the measurable result of feeling peace, that the answers to our deepest questions are attainable. Reiki sustains our connection to the calmness of the universe and the inner voice deep down in our soul.

We are born knowing

In my view, I believe that anxiety, fear, and unrest are present within so many of us because we fear that we will not regain the knowledge of our soul. Reiki, universal life-force energy, lets us feel at home within ourselves. We can take comfort in this connection as we hear our inner voice speak and guide us.

There is an area of our brain, the intellectual self that wants concrete answers. Reiki bypasses the circuitry of the mind to bring us moments of peace and connection. 

Reiki is my daily sustenance. It brings order into my chaos and peace to my unrest. It offers me a means to channel the life I choose to live.

Reiki is like a soul-mate

Reiki has shown me the light of purpose in all that I do. From the moment I awaken to all the lives I meet in a day to my quiet times at night, I connect to my breath. I am NOW present and at peace. 

For today, do not get angry

For today, do not fear

For today, do not worry

Be grateful

Be kind

Be sincere

Be peace & calm

Most of all-embracing being You!

This is the mantra assists me in a way to expand my openness, trust, with alignment. I do this alongside meditations to embrace me, and enjoy a feelgood one-day-at-a-time! This ultimately shows me how to achieve peace every day. Reiki is absolute sustainability for wellness, 24/7. 

Rose A. Weinberg is an Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Holistic Nutritionist, fulfilled Wife~Mom~Bubbi. For the last twenty-two years, she has committed her time and energy to help clients alleviate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease and achieve an optimal state of balance, alignment, and overall wellness beyond the treatment room.

Rose is Founder, CEO, Chief Executive Sage of WellnessWrx, and Founder of the Non-Profit, the Project BeamON Organization | Founder and CEO, The feelgood Company and Loves Dogs and being a feelgooder.



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