New Element Training

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At New Element Training (NET) we specialize in strength for health. After the age of 25, we are starting to lose lean muscle tissue at a rate of ~0.5 to 1lbs a year. This process accelerates as we get older. Therefore a safe, effective and sustainable form of strength training is a must activity.
At NET we:
* utilize the world’s most bio-mechanically precise equipment, for effectiveness and safety;
* evidence-based training principles, which ensures results;
* and mindful training cues, for an add-on mind de-stressing benefit.

All combined, this leads to the most effective minute-by-minute exercise solution there is.

In addition, by utilizing our medical MedX Lumbar Extension (LE) machines, we help our clients living back-pain free.

NET method sessions last only 30 minutes and are done once or twice weekly.

We also offer physiotherapy for those with physical ailments.

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Sage Services offered by New Element Training