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Driving up to Starbucks today reminded me of my run as a maven of the coffee world 27 years ago when trendy cafes like starbucks weren’t even a twinkle in Canada’s eye. 

You see, a friend and I had the idea of creating one of the first specialty coffee and tea shops in the GTA. 

Sometime in June 1990, Cuppajava opened its doors to the Richmond Hill market place of coffee and tea drinkers. We were the first to offer Soyacinnos and other alternative drinks and snacks. 

I was soon to be on my journey to wellness after spending over 2 decades living with panic disorder and undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I lived every day inside a whirlwind of fear, blind to the cheerful expression of my own soul.   

Cuppajava was a super-fun place for coffee and tea. Debbie, my friend and business partner, handled the administration and organization. And me, yup, I was front line: marketing, design and customer service. 

Debbie and I would serve up customers and go on buying days together. We did pretty much everything together.  I would even pick up her kids, right after I picked up my own, while Deb held down the fort. We were like family.

My daughter Staci was 5, she hung out at the store in the morning and went to kindergarten in the afternoon. She was the youngest of 4. She worked the cash and served up customers with her golden smile.

We had a ball. The husbands came by every morning and hung around to schmooze with the customers who we all knew by name.

It was truly a vibrant funhouse for coffee and tea.

Today, a vision of that time came back to me as I stopped at a Starbucks in Bradford on my way to a business meeting.  You did it StarBucks, you built the empire Deb and I envisioned. Bravo!

When I was 15 I decided on a beautiful, rainy day that someday I was going to build an empire of the heart. At the time, I had no idea what form this would take.

When we began Cuppajava, we put a business and marketing plan together to sell franchises across Canada. Very cool! 

Although We were very much ahead of our time, I knew that deep down this was not to be the one, the business that would become the sustainable organization that I was to build. I’m appreciative and proud of us.  We sold that business for profit. We walked out of the store as friends and today that friendship is still strong, vibrant, and cooky.

I Start to Build My Online Wellness Program in Toronto and Richmond Hill

A few years later, I went back to school to study homeopathy, reiki, holistic  nutrition, and acupuncture at various institutes around Toronto and the GTA. Over the past 21 years, I have built 4 practices, helped others to build their own practices, and taught Reiki to hundreds of adults and kids.  I founded The feelgood Company, Project BeamON, and Feel Good Toastmasters, raised 2 kids, almost 40 years married, on my 5th dog, and all I can say is that life is good. Was my road lumpy, bumpy and filled with boo boos and blessings? You bet! 

Over the past 2 years, developing my next endeavour with my business partner and childhood friend, I came to a level of confidence, clarity, and peacefulness, that I believe to be an extension of my energetic source.  I live, filled with Light, always as my true self.  

My empire is not a corporate domination scheme.  It is more than a business, it’s my life in totality, my own personal kingdom, filled with blessings, moments of laughter, and steadfast visions of a bright future.  

WellnessWrx is an integral part of this vision.  An online wellness platform that pushes beyond the limits of what the marketplace currently offers; a great idea whose time has come.  We are creating a community of choice to make people aware of their wellness options. 

Today I am healthier than I was in my 20’s thanks to the Wellness Providers who I started seeing in 1989. God Bless the universe for introducing me to homeopathy and reiki. You chose me to be a pioneer, to grow my visionary self and share my story of healing and recovery.  WellnessWrx is an expression of this story and my wish to share the power of its healing message with the world. It’s time to spread the word that there’s life beyond pharmaceutical drugs.

We are living in a world where Yoga studios and juice bars can be found on every street corner. Even StarBucks offers alternative choices to suit different dietary needs.

The age of wellness is here and WellnessWrx brings it all to you in a single portal.


I choose to feelgood! I want You to feelgood! Here’s to our Wellness!

Rose A. Weinberg, WellnessWrxProject BeamON, Founder of The feelgood Company, and the co-creator of WellnessWrx portal and App. Rose is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, CEO and Chief Executive Sage and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom, she loves her dog, nature, home, martial arts and being playful.

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