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In a world where mental health is top of mind, all I can say is “finally!” The freedom to talk openly about our emotions has been a long time coming. However, not everyone is there yet. As I write this, I feel the connection with millions of  individuals who still can’t or won’t say to a friend, or even to themselves, “today is a bad day!”

So this solution-driven post is to let you know firsthand that you are not alone. There are many out there who struggle to communicate on an emotional level. And you’re not alone in life. There is always help available if you know where to seek it – a friend, a tree that needs hugging, and your all-embracing spirit, a 24.7 reservoir of love and peace. Crazy as it sounds, that’s the purpose of taking in a beautiful, nurturing breath. It connects with the guidance of your spirit, the universal energy of everything ideal.

I know firsthand how panic, anxiety, and depression can affect our humanness to the point where all you feel is alone.

Right now, while reading this post, simply breathe. Maybe if you’re having a bad day – depressed, anxious, panicky – you can think of me, the author, the person who suffered for years and got out. I’m can tell you that I am healed. I now live successfully as a wellness provider, a woman who loves dogs, cars, and martial arts, a wife, mom, and soon to be grandmom, the person who was afraid to hug for fear of germs spreading on me, the businesswomen, the healer, the silly girl who thinks she’s 32 when clearly I’m not…but don’t tell me this to my face. Point is, I’m you, and you’re me, and we are the neighbour next door. So we’re in this together, meaning, we are not alone.

#Bellletstalk day is a good demonstration that we are not alone. Celebrities, sports icons, friends, and family come together to talk openly about their struggles. When we come together as a community on an open discussion about mental health, we are that much closer to providing a sense of wellness, belonging, and connection for those who may be struggling.

My moment lasted years. Today, I can speak about it and share it. However, I am most grateful that I can share my smile, and that I have learned the lessons that have freed me from my past struggles.

For now, here are a few solutions, tips, ideas… simply try it!!!

  • Connect with your circle (it’s wider than you think): family, friends, colleagues, dogs, birds, squirrels, trees
  • Get active NOW – Go for a walk, dance around, jump up and down, pat a dog…
  • See nature: Beauty is all around You!
  • Amuze yourself by being adorable!
  • Give! One of the best ways to feelgood is to share a smile with someone.
  • And my all-time favourite – GIGGLE! Find the funny in life!
  • Seek out support…it’s everywhere!
  • BONUS – look into the eyes of a dog. When their soul connects with yours, feelgood is guaranteed!

The age of wellness is here and WellnessWrx brings it all to you in a single portal.

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I choose to feelgood! I want You to feelgood! Here’s to our Wellness!

with feelgood gratitude and appreciation,
Rose A. Weinberg
Founder, CEO, Chief Executive Sage of WellnessWrx, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, Fulfilled Wife and Mom. Loves dogs, nature, home, martial arts, and feelgood everything | Founder Project BeamON Organization | Founder, CEO The feelgood Company


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