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You are beautiful and amazing as you are, Period. No one can take that away from you.

However, there surely are areas where you can get better, aren’t there?

The fact is that no matter how good you are right now, you can always get better. There’s always room for improvement.

It isn’t about competing with someone else but rather becoming a better version of yourself so that you can maximize your potential. Only by doing that can you excel, live a life filled with purpose, and direct yourself on the wellness path. 

Finding your way through life is extremely challenging. While everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, only a select few manage to do so. This is primarily because most people lack the tools and knowledge.

But that ends here.

WellnessWrx – a leading wellness platform committed to providing wellness services to enhance emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing – presents six simple methods to become the best version of yourself.

Embrace Failure and Keep Experimenting

In life, you should follow the Chinese proverb ‘Nana korobi, ya oki’ which means ‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight’. Let go of the fear of failure. Failure is a proof  that you are trying and that is all that matters. You only lose when you give up, not when you fail. So, go ahead and keep on trying. 

On top of this, keep on experimenting and trying new things in life. Be it a new strategy for your business, a hobby that you can turn into a side-hustle, or trying to get to know more people and make friends.

Be Grateful

This might sound simple; however, it is anything but that. 

Every morning, make a habit of saying things out loud that you are thankful for. Start with three simple things. It could be anything from the sunshine, the clean air, a nutritious breakfast, clean clothes, and your health. This will allow you to focus on the positives and equip you to deal with negative emotions. If you make this a habit by doing this consciously and consistently, then you can let go of the things holding you back, feelgood, be happy, and continue to push yourself.

Help Others

Being kind and paying it forward can uplift not only others but yourself as well. Start off with one small act of kindness a day, be it getting someone a cup of coffee, smiling and greeting a stranger, helping someone out with their work, or spreading wellness. This will kickstart a process of intellectual an emotional enrichment and inculcate great qualities such as empathy and sacrifice within you.

Try to learn something every day

Learning is a lifelong process. It is something you should always do; otherwise, you’ll stagnate. 

So, make it a point to invest in yourself by learning something new every day. Take out some time to read different books, watch a ted talk, try a new recipe, practice a new skill set such as coding. Doing this will enlighten you in ways that you can’t perceive, and it will be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.  


Exercise daily so that you remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. While we all know that exercise can keep you in shape and healthy, it can also make you happier. This is because it leads to the production of endorphins – happy hormones – and counters feelings of anxiety and depression. So, prioritize your personal fitness and seek professional help in case you require it. 

Surround yourself with positive individuals

Life is too short to be negative about everything. Try to live among people who lift you instead of bringing you down. According to research by the University of North Carolina, it is clear that being positive doesn’t just make you happy, it can also help you in building better life skills, good friendships, and a better life in general. 

The Takeaway

People around the globe strive for success. While some want to climb the corporate ladder and make as much money as they can, others want to be renowned for their art. While some crave health and happiness, others want that ripped body and model-like looks.

What they forget is that success comes from gradual improvements over time and by sticking to positive habits that seem inconsequential. Follow the above-mentioned tips and pave your way to success in personal and professional life.

If you feel stuck in life, unable to move forward, then it’s about time you made some changes. 

Choose wellness. WellnessWrx is an accredited health and wellness marketplace offering you holistic services to help you become a better version of yourself. 

Isn’t that precisely what you want?

Contact us today and let’s get started.


With feelgood gratitude and appreciation, Rose A. Weinberg

Rose A. Weinberg is an Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Holistic Nutritionist, fulfilled Wife~Mom~Bubbi. For the last twenty-two years, she has committed her time and energy to helping clients alleviate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease and achieve an optimal state of balance, alignment, and overall wellness beyond the treatment room.  

Rose is Founder, CEO, Chief Executive Sage of WellnessWrx and Founder of the Non-Profit, the Project BeamON Organization | Founder and CEO, The feelgood Company and Loves Dogs and being a feelgooder.



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