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Can Reiki Help Anxiety Sufferers Find Relief?

Did you know that reiki is a Japanese relaxation and healing method? It can be very helpful for people who suffer from anxiety.

Reiki can help in balancing and calming the mind. It’s worth a try.

Here’s a deeper look at how this Japanese technique has been helping people all over the world to heal their anxiety. It’s worked for me for the past 30 years.


1) Reiki reconnects you to the aligned you.

Being bathed in the gentle calm and warmth of a Reiki treatment can leave you speechless and filled with beautiful energy.

The beautiful, safe space of being with a Reiki master, in person or through virtual care, can lead you to experience a sense of calm and peace from the moment your session begins.

When we feel anxious or depressed, we also feel overwhelmed by simple and complex daily stressors. Being wrapped in the warmth of the energy that Reiki radiates brings us into a sense of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual alignment. 

This is a powerful, humbling, and subtle reminder that our life-force has healing power of its own.

This brings us to a feeling of knowing our true self without the need for explanation.

2) Reiki opens us to truly breathe and feel peace.

Our busy daily lives, even though wonderful, can be overwhelming, especially now.

Humans need moments of peace throughout the day. Today, our physical and mental health is affected by everything that enters our zone. This results in more sick days, fatigue, and sheer exhaustion that often takes our breath away and riddles us with anxiety.

Reiki is self-care. Bringing moments of peace and relaxation should be a daily ritual, even if it’s only 9 minutes or less a day.

Treat yourself to a 15, 30, or 60-minute reiki treatment and see how it profoundly helps you to feelgood at work, rest, and play.


3) Reiki releases blocked up energy.

Reiki took me from anxiety to feelgood when I experienced my first treatment in 1999, and I’ve not lived without reiki ever since. For me, daily panic attacks were the norm. Today I’ve helped 1000’s with anxiety, panic disorders, fear, and depression with the simple and healing energy of Reiki.

I view Reiki as priceless. 

4) Reiki can take you from Anxiety to Peace.

If you’ve never experienced reiki, I invite you to give it a try.

There are times, unfortunately, more often than we like, where we get triggered by fear, anxiety, worry, and complex forms of stress, and we need more than just coping or survival skills.

Imagine something that could be part of your everyday life, a means to gain peace and alignment with your higher self at any moment. This describes Reiki for many.

It’s worth trying. After all, if it wrx then we are one step closer to peace and calm in our day to day craziness.

The system of reiki provides practitioners the means to help themselves and others with alignment, daily purpose, and overall feelgood energy.

5 ) 5 easy self-care tips You need after every Reiki treatment.




Rose A. Weinberg is Founder and Chief Executive Sage of WellnessWrx, Founder of The feelgood Company, and the Non-Profit, Project BeamON Organization. She is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master~Educator, Energy Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, fulfilled Wife~Mom~Bubbi~DogMomBubi, and a feelgooder



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